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"Neversista in the Library" is a visual novel released by the Japanese fan club TARHS Entertainment in 2010, and it is expected to be a mobile game in 2022.
The game script was written by Toshimi Wenta, who was responsible for the games " IDOLiSH7 " and " The Promise of the Magician", and was carried out from the perspective of two protagonists.

【Game Story】

On the last stormy night of that summer, a student died.

"He" went to take pictures of the high tide of the river and never return, leaving only the camera and personal belongings left by the river bank.
since that day, everyone tried hard to find his missing figure, but only the right shoe was found.

In the end, this incident was judged to be one of many drowning cases in the summer, and rumors about the dead were quietly circulated by disturbed people.

The five students who lived with "him" and stayed in the ghost building—and "them" who should be "his" friends are related to the death of the cursed boy.

【Official Twitter】
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