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Take your mind off your busy life in Lily Blast, the relaxing match-3 puzzle game set in your very own garden ?!

Lily Blast lets you escape the hectic city life and move to the picturesque countryside, with a beautiful rose garden, tranquil forests, and plenty of fun puzzles. Get away from the annoyances of work and take a walk in the woods to reconnect with nature. Let the water flow, collect honey, and nurture your garden to help it grow!??

- Enjoy tons of match-3 levels in your garden with flowers, bushes, beehives, watering cans, and more!?
- Match to pop soap bubbles, blast boxes, gain boosters, and collect new items!✨
- Take in the outdoors with wonderful creek views, pleasant walks in the woods, and relaxing sunsets!?
- Collect honey, plant seeds, nurture your garden, and help your flowers bloom! ?
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