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About the game:
Hexadots is a simple and addictive puzzle game.
It provides 4 different game modes - 3 challenges and 1 endless game.
Hexadots contains different color themes for various tastes.
The game saves progress for each mode. You can continue playing at any time.
Free to play.
Offline game.
No sensitive content. Hexadots is a puzzle game for adults and children.

How to play:
The playing field is a hexagonal grid with colorful dots and special objects on it. Hexagonal format increases the number of possible ways to connect any dot with neighboring ones.
Connect same-colored dots and objects to remove them from the playing field.
The game allows you to combine dots in a loop. This will destroy all dots of a certain color on the playing field.

Undo: Cancel the previous move.
Hammer: Remove a single dot from the game field.
Rotation: Rotate the game board to throw stones off. It is essential for the "Stone challenge."

Game modes:
Relax mode: Only dots. No challenges, no goals. Endless format for deep relaxation.
Stone challenge: Throw stones off the game field. Remove all dots below them to do it.
Bomb challenge: Bombs are colorful too. Combine dots and bombs to get rid of them.
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Nadie ha calificado el juego aún
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