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☞ Otra versión: Chino Tradicional | Coreano | Inglés

My Puppy Fiancé is a simulation game developed by SEEC inc. In this game, players can enjoy an interesting love story that has four kinds of ending, all decided by the player's will. Which boyfriend will be chosen by you?

In My Puppy Fiancé, you just lied to your father that you have a boyfriend to avoid getting arranged for marriage. A handsome young man just appeared in front of you. You better find a way to make him be like your boyfriend as fast as you can.

"I'm hungry... I'll do anything, please give me some food!"

Otome Visual Game 'My Puppy Fiancé'
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To avoid the arranged marriage, Mikoto lied to her father that she had a boyfriend (You can change the heroine's name).
If she doesn't introduce her boyfriend to her father by the promised day, she'll be forced into marriage.

"Are you sure you have your boyfriend?"
"Do you have no brain?"

Train your boyfriend with a toxic butler?!
Talking to a stray pimp through tap and auto-play, turn him into your perfect boyfriend!

◆ System Introduction
Download and standard play are free.
It's a casual app with complete short stories that you can play during your spare time.
Tap the speech bubbles to obtain EXP.
Listen to him carefully to increase the level and continue the story.
The future changes with your choice! There are 4 different story endings.

◆ Recommended for people who...
Like heroine games, romance games, girl games, otome games.
Like teen, heart-pounding, and romance movies, dramas, or novels.
Want to be happy with their normal life and experience a period of popularity.
Kill time when they are free.
Want to see how a romance with a handsome man ends.
Want to see an infatuating situation
Like story-focused auto-play training games
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16 Rating(s), 19 Comentario(s)
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