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Thanks for 100 thousands downloads! (*All platform total)

A Notable Japanese PC browser game(*) is back!!
Launch a boy into the sky and send him as far as possible!
*PC version played over 30 million times from its release.

Smartphone version features:

> Improved graphics/sounds and animations.
> 31 Achievements and Leaderboards.
> Gallery Contents unlocked by achievements.(need to sign up GameCenter Service)
> Tutorial game is ready for the new players.

Install NANACA†CRASH!! It's free.

This game application supports Android 2.3 or later.
In this time, we released apk file that works on Android 2.2 by mistake.
We'll fix it on future releases.

Because, latest 'Google Play Game Services', currently not supports 2.2 version.
So, we can't supports 2.2 version currently.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Sorry for your inconvenience.

▽Original Work
Written by Romeo Tanaka (「Humanity Has Declined」「Aura」)
▽Game Design/Orignal Flash
Takahiro Narumiya
▽Character Design
Funczion SOUNDS

Miki…Mao Enokizu
Kiri…Hina Nakase
Touko…Suzune Kusunoki
Misato…Hina Hatono
Youko…Satomi Kodama
Sakuraba…Takumi Yamazaki
Tomoki…Kappei Yamaguchi
Narration…Issei Masamune

PS3/Vita「CROSS†CHNNEL ~For all people~」(5pb/MAGES) 6/26/2014 On Sales

https://twitter.com/NANACACRASH1 (@NANACACRASH1)
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