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That guy Is The Richest Of The Four Kings is an adventure RPG developeded by SYUPRO-DX Inc.

▼ Story▼
The time is 20XX.
The new-generation gashapon "chaotic gashapon" born through futuristic technology
Make the world become more and more deserted.
And he was ruled by four villains known as the "Four Heavenly Kings of Kaojin".

And in such a chaotic world
A legendary hero named LOVE & PEACE appeared, fighting evil all over the world
And joined the battle against the Four Heavenly Kings.

After hearing this rumor, people became surprised and happy
Thinking, "The era of violence is finally coming to an end"
So I put all my hopes on LOVE & PEACE.

Although people entrust their only hope to LOVE & PEACE
But it backfired
"LOVE & PEACE Defeat"
News such as "unknown news" keeps circulating around the world.

And in town it's
"Tuition money!"
"For the guild not to sleep, hurry up and move!"
"The dirt is to be disinfected!"
full of such scolding
And was suppressed by the crazy army.

There is no love and peace and order in this world ruled by the Four Heavenly Kings
People are afraid of violence.
So they started to have
The expectation of "I hope a new hero will appear"...
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