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Yurudorashiru is a mobile RPG game that takes place in a setting of Scandinavian mythology. Players will role play as warriors that are chosen by the Valkyries and finish missions appointed by the All-father Odin to help prevent the coming of Ragnarok that will bring upon the end of world. The battle system of the game is easy to understand and the game has more than 800 units for the players to use on the battlefield. Square up and save the world under Odin's will!
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.5
128 Rating(s), 12 Comentario(s)
QRCode ゆるドラシル-本格派RPG- バトってボケて世界を救え 悠悠世界樹 será instalado en tu dispositivo. cloverlab.inc
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