A clean and simple escape game update app.
We will continue to add new and old works.

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Escape Game Raindrops
Escape Game Sakura Onsen
Escape Game Snow Lodge

Game function
[There is a push notification function. ]
) You will be notified when an escape game is added.

[There is an auto save function. ]
Automatically save where you went.
* If you delete the app, it will disappear.

[There is a cache deletion function. ]
* Unnecessary data can be deleted from image files.
[By watching videos or large screen advertisements]
You can see the “hint” or “answer” of the puzzle.

Method of operation
・ Check the area of ​​interest on the screen with a tap.
・ Move with the arrow tap at the bottom of the screen.
・ The acquired items can be selected by tapping.
・ Tap the item again to enlarge and check it.
-You can solve the mystery by selecting and using specific items on the screen.
-For specific items, you can solve the mystery by selecting and using the items.

Regarding advertising
・ App production is supported by advertising revenue. Please note.
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