The Queens Number is a mobile romance adventure game.

Jackpot popped on duty.
All $ 20,000,000 prize money is mine?
But my plan just started.

“I will buy this hotel and… I will destroy it. ”
Deluxe hotel and casino,
Yeoju Ayers aims to break down the hotel.

By the way
What's this hotel that's more secretive?

"I'll try one more time."
That dark man is the president of the hotel?
Trusty Gon, consistent Aaron

Jang Mo Wan, are you hiding anything?
Friendship, love and love with the four men you met in Las Vegas ...
And the secret of Lucid Hotel revealed!
Will 'Ayers' goal be achieved?
Gráficas Gameplay Valor Historia Sonido 4.4
12 Rating(s), 4 Comentario(s)
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