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Beyond the field is a mobile card game.

“There is endless fun here”
New DCG “Beyond the field” is finally released!

● Distribute all cards for free!
Anyone can use all cards, including those added in the future.
-Card game in a vast field of 5 x 7 squares!
It is a highly strategic card game where you can make your own lineup and play.
You can experience like a soldier who takes control of the battlefield.
Move your rubric on the field to attack enemy rubrics,
You can also place cards like obstacles and traps.
-Combine 20 cards to make your own magic book!
Three types of cards: rubric / object / feint
Complete your own tactics by combining them well.
Lubricks: A card that can move around the field and attack your opponent.
Object ... An obstacle-like card that can be placed in the field.
Feint ... A card that looks like a trap that forcibly activates the effect when the condition is met.
● Battle with players nationwide!
Create your own room or join someone ’s room,
You can enjoy online battles.
● Connect to Twitter and connect with other parties!
At the end of the battle, you can thank the other person's Twitter.
* You can play games without Twitter integration.

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Official site: https://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/beyondthefield
Official Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/BTF_TCG
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3 Rating(s), 2 Comentario(s)
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