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QooApp News Cherry Tale Adds Vtuber Projekt Melody on July 14 Melody's joining Cherry Tale on her birthday! From July 14 to August 1 you can grab her as a playable character along with other rewards like diamonds, materials, and more!
Leer nota Cherry Tale Adds Vtuber Projekt Melody on July 14 - QooApp News Cherry Tale, the fairy-tale retelling RPG is adding a certain adult VTuber to its game, and it's none other than Projekt Melody from VShojo, coming on July 14!
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Primeros minutos de Cherry Tale - Global: Leer nota
Zaharu The game is out on EroLabs
7Lords Game Hunter Cherry Tale Cherry Tale Gameplay: Leer nota
Zaharu NSFW I see an adult version announced on the erolabs website, so might not see the full thing here, not yet released tho... Leer nota


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