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Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/4wm9gQKMIRk
Nota: Se incluye guía para respaldar la cuenta.
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7Lords Game Hunter Hero Dice Hero Dice Gameplay: https://youtu.be/8FJa7SYldJw Leer nota
QooApp News Hero Dice Co-Op Board Game Announced ZeniMax Asia K.K. announced Hero Dice, a co-op board game that is set to release for mobile in Spring 2022. The game system allows 4 players to battle against each other by rolling the dice on the board! 
Leer nota news.qoo-app.com Hero Dice Co-Op Board Game Coming to Smartphones in 2022 ZeniMax Asia K.K. announced Hero Dice, a co-op board game that is set to release for mobile in Spring 2022. Pre-registration of the game is also available now!
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