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(Updated with new feature & note & score updated)
Let's just say this is not a game designed to appeal the younger generations or those who do not like old retro style RPGs that are harsher than normal and it required some hard grinding.

Difficulty according to progress:
Early Game - I got bitchslap'd hard...
Mid Game - I got stomped hard...
Late Game - I got stripped hard...
End Game - Please kill me...

Time consumption:
Single-player Online/Offline Game Tier.
Anytime anywhere offline mode with progression and plot. Take your time to enjoy.

Quick tip on fights:
Try to stack up your deck and level up them before ending a winning battle. Keep your deck strong and you shall win (in most situations...except when you roll a 1 and kill yourself...)

Detailed Review:
Given that the young generations prefer stunning and smooth 3d graphics, this 8-bit style of graphics and audios sounding like a cloud of gas escaping a corpse...I don't think it will be a big hit among kids or teens. I guess I can only give those an OKAY just to be safe..

The gameplay is unique as it involves a reborn system where the player has to reborn as NPCs and progress their stories in order to advance the whole plot. Since most of the in-game battles are RNG, completing some quests require extensive grindings over hours just to find that one type of enemies. The weight system is more or less the adaption from D&D, so picking the right items for your character is a key to success. So is building the right build for the character.

The story is fine. I wasn't expecting an epic journey, but it does seem fine, just casual fine.

It is not a must-play or must-buy for sure, but you can definitely play it offline and have fun for hours if you are hiding under a shelter.

Added Note:
Assuming you made it to the first 20 lvls, the gameplay gets a lot interesting as you have to switch to different characters and advance their story as well. So a minor adjustment to score.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Dark Blood 2


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