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Such a cute game when tons of puppies! Although it's a tap and play game without multiple playing methods, but the puppies are so adorable just to look at them! I really hope that they can make a game with more actions to interact with the puppies! Especially when everyone are playing some intense kakin game like FGO, this game is a contrast of those games and is heartwarming and healing[厲害]
Trisia Trendsetting Wizard All star dogs


This is ideal for those who like merging games, but I personally don't really like this type of games haha ( ˘•ω•˘ )/ You basically merge two dogs to get another type of dog, and you progress to get rarer dogs. This game is also available in English! You can also use gold to buy dog type that you want. Has a really cute artstyle. 🐶
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