Řėpłąÿ Fishing Paradiso


1. If you're a pixel person, play this. The animation and scenery gives a sense of detail and depth while playing.
2. For added ambience, the background music provides a soothing but also upbeat feeling. Of course, sounds will change depending on location and actions. Points for really fitting tracks!
3. Gameplay is a challenge. Easy to grasp but difficult in practise. It will take time and patience to master. Once able to do that, the experience of going fishing becomes richer. Keep asking around for tips and pointers! The RPG is strong with this one.
4. A somewhat confusing story initially. Would recommend: a repeated play for enhanced immersion; keeping track of interactions.
5. I didn't purchase anything so I can't say anything on the iaps. I will say this game is valuable for its visuals, the stories it has and the fishing experience it has to offer.

This was brought to you from someone who finished the game once.
Hypocrite Fishing Paradiso


Eu gostei muito desse joguinho, cara. É tão calmo e relaxante c:
As músicas que tocam deixam você tão sereno.. Bom, recomendo muito esse jogo para quem tem estresse ou tá num mau momento [微笑]
Gifubata Fishing Paradiso


It so gooooooooooooood!!!!!! This game remind me of Stardew valley. It has story line and quests. If you done with each quests you'll recieve a present from each characters. You can even decorate your own room!! L O V E T H I S G A M E!
- Jungle states are so lagging pls fix it and some of animations
xanxus momochi Fishing Paradiso


Dương Ngọc Hiếu Fishing Paradiso


Very good!
Phạm Trinh Fishing Paradiso


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