Alice Zhang Disney Twisted Wonderland


Октавинелл ну просто 🔥🔥🔥
...хоть он и под водой.....
Близнецы топ морепродукты, полезно для здоровья 👀
Рекоммендую ☝
14th Disney Twisted Wonderland


aw gerçekten çok güzel bir oyun hem grafikler hemde hikaye çok hoş. Keşke ingilizce dil seçeneği de olsaydı ama harika bir oyun oynayın bence
chakichaki Disney Twisted Wonderland


Рагги я готов дать тебе всю еду что у меня есть и себя тоже готов дать
stermondwho Disney Twisted Wonderland


с такими пацанами и 3д не нужны😷

— графика ебабельная
— флойд и джейд лич, я вас люблю, позвоните мне, устроим тройничек с личцестом
— позовите христа ради маллеуса хоть на одно собрание и возможно он расхвалит диасомнию лучше пиар компании деда лилии и бога маркетинга азула
— дэйсы это лучшее, что я шипперила за последнее время, кроме клоунов флойда «ебаной мурены 190 с биполяркой, нет, азул, я не буду мыть полы, я не в настроении» лич и риддла «уберите от меня октавинелль и верните гребаный конспект по алхимии» роузхарт
💙 и 💙 д 💙 и 💙 я 💙 и 💚 с 💚 и 💚 л 💚 ь 💚 в 💚 е 💚 р 💚 — причины моей экстравертной любви к тихим и сонным 2д мальчикам

10 грибных ризотто из 10 ( ˘ ³˘)♡
Nguyễn Thu Trang Disney Twisted Wonderland


Thả nhẹ cái review. Thề luôn, xin các bạn đừng tin vào cái OP, nhìn hổ báo thế thôi nhưng méo khác gì cái trường mẫu giáo kiêm rạp xiếc trung ương mà chúng ta là osin / bảo mẫu hết á. Logic bình thường là MC đi thuần hoá các char, thì ở đây ta có MC với độ mean tăng theo từng episode, sống giữa dàn phản diện nên cái ngây thơ cũng bay hơi luôn rồi ấy.

Cơ mà giai trong game ngon lắm, và các giả thuyết với theory về cốt truyện và từng char hấp dẫn lắm ý. Nên đừng ngại mà tải về chơi ha.

( Fandom cu xẹt lắm, các anh bị dìm liên hoàn luôn, fanti là chính ấy mà)
ノーフェイスUta Disney Twisted Wonderland


Personellement j'aime beaucoup ce jeu, et je suis bien content que ce ne soit pas un otome, surtout que sinon ce serait du yaoi pas pour me déplaire en effet. Et oui notre personnage est un garçon, le directeur nous appelle 'Pseudo' kun, qui est un suffixe utilisé pour les garçons, désolé de brisé vos espoirs[怪笑]
OnOrOffBR Disney Twisted Wonderland


Muito bom, eu não me importo de estar em japonês por conta que no Youtube tem a história em pt, além que se pode usar o tradutor de tela.

O jogo é incrível e isso não tem como negar, se você não tem sorte com gacha, ent eu recomendo nem instalar, pois você irá se estressar e se decepcionar, agora se você tem uma sorte mínima ou uma sorte do caramba, instale e acabe com sua vida :), sabemos que jogos fodas como esse a acabam com a sua vida total [不滿]

E boa sorte jogando o game!! [厲害][微笑].
Papawadee Sriduang Disney Twisted Wonderland


แต่ก็อย่างให้มีในเพลสโตของไทยอ่ะค่ะ และถ้ามีในเพลสโตของไทยก็อยากให้แปลมาด้วยเพราะเราอ่านไม่ออกเลยไม่รู้ว่าอะไรเป็นอะไร._. อยากบอกแค่นี้แหละค่ะ555 เกมดีมากค้า ขอให้พัฒนาต่อไปนะคะ^ω^
Ciel Game Hunter Disney Twisted Wonderland


I just think that this game is one of the best the story is attractive and it's not like other otome games mc is not a girl and this changes a lot in my opinion I hope it will reach the top 3🥺🥺[害羞][厲害]
Chi Mỹ Như Disney Twisted Wonderland


rì viu nhẹ cho mấy bạn sắp chơi cái này nè , game với OP game nhìn hổ báo cáo chồn vậy thôi ( ゚∀゚)o彡゚ chứ dô game cái thấy mình so với bảo mẫu của trường mẫu giáo ko khác là bao (´⊙ω⊙`), nhưng game hay và có nhiều cốt truyện có mạch truyện chặt chẽ, chơi đảm bảo u mê hết mấy ổng luôn ╭(′▽`)╯
LolIDontKnow Disney Twisted Wonderland


The first time I heard about this game is from Twitter, from one of the people that I follow. So I became really curious of what all the hype is about.

When I first started playing I heven't had the idea that it will become one of my favourite games and honestly I'm still surprised that I'm still playing and enjoying it.

The graphics are really pleasing to look at, the character models and the chibi's have great movement and well lip sync with their voices.

The sound is nice, the voice actors do a great job and the theme and tracks from the game are pleasant to hear.

Now, when it comes to the gameplay I have a problem. Let's start from the biggest one I have and it's the rhythm aspect. I have no problem with anything in the rhythm games except of the fact that sometimes the rhythm games just don't work.

The strategy part is just good, not great but it's not really problematic or anything.

The storyline is actually great! I usually really dislike otome games because the plot and story is just basic copy-paste and nothing too interesting. But this one is pretty good~!

Now, the gacha is really great compared to games like BanGDream. The whole thing about getting an SSR after 100 rolls is really sweet to be honest, and when it comes to the art itself is just really beautiful.
96617 Disney Twisted Wonderland


.......ok late but *rolls sleeves up*
I really wasn't expecting to get so invested in this but here I am losing the remains of my sanity over Disney villain bishounens. (omg sorry for the bump it's an accident)

Here are my detailed thoughts about Twiste:

- Graphics -

• First thing first, thank god for Yana-sensei's art. It's SO PRETTY. And I like how they animated the sprites, it looks dynamic and the kind of animation suits the entire thing well. (AND THANK GOD FOR TROYCA STUDIO. The opening is great and I really just wanted to praise one of my favourite animation studios.)
Yana-sensei's illustrations are so gorgeous I could stare at them forever. It really makes me want All The Cards lol)

• I think the game looks really good in general. The logos are so pretty and the interface looks really nice too. Though if I had to point one thing out, it'd be that sometimes it took me time to find some things like the profile menu and stuff. Everything isn't all that intuitive and easy to find though it's fine once used to it.

- Sound -

• Oh boy this cast. It's perfect. _(:3 」∠ )_ *whispers thank you* At one point we even get to hear Hama-chan and I'm absolutely overly happy about it.
I'm so very excited for the day they'll be able to make character songs and drama CDs

• The sound quality and OST are pretty nice too overall though the music so far though not bad might be a little repetitive at times in my opinion, especially inside the rhythm game.

- Gameplay -

• The gameplay is overall simple and very easy and I like that it's very accessible. It becomes a little harder in the later songs for the rhythm game and need more card levelling and farming for the battles later on, which is a given I guess. I think it's a good thing that they kept things simple and accessible so new people don't struggle.

• The rhythm game is pretty interesting as it's mixed within the story and illustrates whatever is happening well.
Though if I had to point something out, it'd be that it's actually pretty hard to see where the notes are coming from. Sometimes it's too all over the place and my eyes can't follow properly leading to missing notes that should be really easy to get.

• LOOP-MODE FOR FARMING *worships them*
There is an auto-mode *AND* a loop-mode for farming which means just leaving the game running without having to do anything while getting weekly missions and card training etc done. This is absolutely wonderful. I want my other games to have loop mode too😭

- Storyline -

• It. Is. Great. I really love this and again wasn't expecting to get to invested in it. I'm so excited for what is to come next. I like how the story is written and absolutely love the parallels between the dorm leaders and the Disney villains they're each representing.
The way the introduce the Disney villains is also very fresh and neutral-positive which is something I really like as well.

• Everyone is so endearing in their own ways. Since we don't want spoilers I am not going into details here but god I cried so much real tears lol

• Edit: I don't know where to add this but since May they started doing events, and god. I love them. I love the cards, the sprites, the stories, it's all great😭💕

- Value -

• Gacha rate of 1.5%, normal kind of rate. Can't complain. (Especially when my other games have a rate of under 0.7% lol) I think it's pretty ok, especially there aren't that many cards yet and there is a guaranteed SSR after 100 pulls which I think is really nice! If only my other games did this as well....h
Edit: True though that 300 gems is a lot and pretty hard to get once past the beginning of the game when everything we did was rewarded with gems. Everyone ganbafight!!

And so! That's about it. I might edit some stuff later on I guess? But I think I said everything I wanted to say.
Thank you for reading!
liidanton Disney Twisted Wonderland


Все : пишут, что игра огонь, Яночке спасибо, не могу пройти бои с королевой, экзаменом и т.п.
Я, которая даже в игра не могу зайти : хто я?
✝Kαkαshĭ✡ Disney Twisted Wonderland


В рот ебала я вашу эту японскую рулетку, как ебанный каменщик без зарплаты и еды коплю эти епанные кристаллы, чтобы мне потом за всё время выпала только одна SSR. А так без базара, игруха дрочибельная и пацанчики сосабельные.
ส้มหยุด งานไม่หยุด Disney Twisted Wonderland


อยากให้มีภาษาไทยเร็วๆ เหมือนกันค่ะ (แต่ราคาลิขสิทธิ์คงโหดน่าดูเลยแง) โดยรวมคือดีมากค่ะ เสียงและภาพยอดเยี่ยม อนิเมชั่นโอเค น่าเปย์มากแต่อดใจอยู่ค่ะ [大哭] พัฒนาต่อไปนะคะ รอติดตามอยู่ ! [賣萌]
Yến Nguyễn Thanh Hải Disney Twisted Wonderland


game hay lắm mọi người ạ , vô game đã được chào đón bằng câu "twisted wonderland " của các nhân vật rồi . Mà đừng lo về dung lượng , nó chỉ kêu tải mấy gói linh ta linh tinh thôi[開心]. còn về cốt truyện game thì bạn cứ tìm Ao Làng bên fb là được , [不滿] mà game cũng có nhiều nhân vật mlem lắm các cậu à . Vô game thì cứ cày cốt truyện , học lịch sử , hóa , thể dục nhiều vô là vừa kiếm được đá tím , exp hạn chí còn giúp nhân vật mạnh lên .
Ksenia Golub Disney Twisted Wonderland


Нихуя не понятно, но очень интересно. Кроули лучшая вайфу 🐥🚬
Cuuby Phanter Disney Twisted Wonderland


Le doy toda la puntuación ya que este juego es precioso pero de hace un tiempo que ya no puedo entrar por que se sale repentinamente o tiene un problemita con mi teléfono ya que es el único programa que me consume tanta RAM y hace que mi celular se quede pegado e inclusive la pantalla de carga al comienzo tarde una eternidad en entrar al juego.
Onda tengo varios juegos rítmicos que usan MV'S de fondo y aún así no me dejan el teléfono en tan malas condiciones como este que hay puntos en donde debo reiniciarlo a la fuerza.
No sé, espero que arreglen pronto este problema ya que al parecer ocurre solo en dispositivos Android.

edit: Volví hace un tiempo a jugar y pues veo que me abre más rápido que antes, supongo que son temas de que no en todos los dispositivos funcionará muy bien al ser una app entre comillas reciente así que la optimización no será la más bkn(?) onda puedo estar jugando un buen rato hasta que se me queda pegado o se me reinicia el celular XD pero algo es algo.

volví de nuevo qqqq XD ahora tengo un celular épico y el juego va pulento así que good ending
Mahiru Chuu Disney Twisted Wonderland


game nya bagus. hanya pada saat saya mendownload seluruh isi data game yang berat nya 1G lebih malah stuck. dan saat saya keluar lalu masuk kembali ke dalam game untuk melanjutkan download malah tidak bisa. apa ini bug? atau ada update sehingga saya tidak bisa melanjutkan download data? tolong di perbaiki!
Wacomire Pocanalzero Disney Twisted Wonderland


เนื้อเรื่องดีค่ะชอบมากกก[色色]ไม่เคยเเบบเล่นเกมไหนเเล้วชอบตัวละครทุกตัวเท่าเกมนี้มาก่อน อ่านเเล้วเพลินมากเนื้อเรื่อง กดข้ามนี่คือพลาดนะ(เเต่เราก็กดเเบบรัวๆเพราะอ่านไม่ออก) ก็อยากให้ตามเนื้อเรื่องกันอ่ะมีคนเเปล ไม่ว่าจะเรื่องหลักเรื่องรอง สนุกหมดเลย

ส่วนตัวก็ตามอาจารย์ยานะมาเกือบๆ10ปีเเล้ว(เหมือนบอกตัวเองเเก่555) เรื่องภาพนั้นไม่ต้องพูดมันสวยอยู่เเล้วเห็นเเล้วกรี๊ด เนื้อเรื่องอาจารย์เเกก็เป็นคนเเต่งชอบเข้าไปอี๊ก

ส่วนด้านระบบเกมเราว่าเฉยๆนะตอนนี้ ตอนเล่นกดเพลงนี่กระตุกใช้ได้เลยอยากให้เเก้ตรงนี้มากกกจะร้องเเน้ว ตอนนี้ระบบเกมมันยังไม่ค่อยมีไรเเต่จะรอดูในภายหน้านะ

ปล.เสียงพากย์เกมนี้โครตดี555 คัดมาเเล้วสินะคนที่ตามพวกนักพากย์น่าจะชอบกันนะอิอิ


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