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Dyunn Prince of Legend Love Royale


For the very first time in my life trying something like this, an otome romance simulation and raising all wonderful Princes~ (Yes. Real Life Prince-sama♪♪)

This had an actual Jdrama and I've watched it(2018) if you haven't heard so. The game really start from where you become a female protagonist, you're an orphan, had scholarship in the Prince Academy.

Gameplay : Pretty cute and simplistic! A simulation and all about training stuff. You're mission as Executive Committee Chairman raise a legendary prince. Just like raising sims. Raising in chibis.

Graphics : Pictured like in real life but a little add of texture for the BG of their stories. The characters where they put is very impressive and had different changing in expressions/gesture except they're real life without the movement. The chibis are very adorable and lovable. Everything is amazingly well-created!✨

Sound : Music BG is good. The boys when interacting in the stories are not fully voiced sadly. It's also the first time I've found the game has the Princes' a sweet wake up alarm. Le Gasp Riichi and Takato and Haru~

Story : Wish it really happen to me but I guess the story is great! It's kinda felt like you're in the drama(with your name) but yes I really received a lot of love from them.

I can't tell the value of the game. All I can say it's like F2p with good quality eventho it's a little difficult to get the passionate Dias but you'll better save them and spend really well for fav cards. If you got nothing to do, you would play this or having fun with it. For me, it's relaxing and joy of a ride!🌹𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩, 𝘽𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙮 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘽𝙤𝙙𝙮~

Edited : On that day, logged in and got a Promotion Story and was literally crying when remembered back the date of the Shutdown. Ryu & Koki so cute 🥺𝐒𝐚𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐚~
Yutti Cutie Prince of Legend Love Royale


[色色][開心] I LOVE PRINCE OF LEGEND JDRAMA . I don't understand anything , but this game is fun <3 My first otome game . All of the boys are so ikemennn [色色][色色]
Raven Johnson Prince of Legend Love Royale


Everyone asking for an English version, it's never going to happen. This is mainly an LDH thing and they operate strictly within Asia. Most of these boys are J Pop stars, it simply doesn't make sense to market the game where they really don't have a big following.
Kit Prince of Legend Love Royale


I never expected a game of which the character assets are real life pictures of the actors to be actually good.

Graphics: The character assets are pictures of real people, and it has variety of expressions of them. There are also some cute chibis (anime style ofc) with animated movements and there are also animated skill cut-ins, but its not fgo kind of animations, so lower your expectations. Just think of Etoile Stage animations.

Sound: BGM is okay but there is a big let down. There are no voiced lines. Like, there is short voice lines, lines that is like a gasp or sigh or something that they would say in almost all possible dialouges.

Gameplay: Think of A3!, Enstars! Basic or Etoile Stage (more close to this game). Not game breaking gameplay, also not dynamic or interactive at all, its just a simulation game.

Storyline: Idk JP so I have no say but if you're curious, this game, Prince of Legend, is actually from a movie. Watch the movie if you want to know of the story atleast.

Value: A good sim game. Dias are kinda hard to get but its doable as a f2p player. Just be smart with your dias, pick your events and gachas and you're good. Also, Haru and Riichi are best boys.
Ikuno Saori Prince of Legend Love Royale


Risna Rahmadaniyah Prince of Legend Love Royale


Daisuki Desu....[色色][色色]💖💖💕💗💘
tomvi Prince of Legend Love Royale


Seguramente si sabes japones podes disfrutarlo mas ,pero aun asi es entretenido
Shifui Hamano Prince of Legend Love Royale


I played this game because 3 Generations members were in it~ well including Alan-kun, it will be 4 😍
Mai Tzong Her Prince of Legend Love Royale


I like it.
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