Kevin Akins Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


After a long time of playing this game, when I compare it to
other games, I feel Idola is asking a bit too much for pricing
compared to it's rates.

Gameplay is good for what it is. However it won't be full fun
without throwing a lot of money or time into it. Since otherwise
you get stuck with sub par characters with long cooldowns
for minimal effects on targets or buffs.

But once you stick around a while (you do not need to pay to
have a good time in this game. Just be around) you'll eventually
come across event characters generally set a 4 stars that you
can max out and bring to your party and from there they can
replace a 3 star until you get a 5 star with at least 1 dupe.

Anything that doesn't start 3 star is generally decent. If you
want to see story, you'll be forced to grind out events to level
up or get materials to level up your characters. Otherwise by
chapter 4 you'll be left behind by 10+ levels because exp rate
is so bad.

Very possible, but highly annoying when a boss does their
special attack for the 3rd time and your healer is still on
cooldown to heal again. But it's only a problem if you play
just story otherwise I feel like if characters had more abilities
it would be better. Since just 2 outside of attack and blast is
kind of very lacking.

The Idola battles are okay but I personally yawn when they
come around, even in story as they feel forced and not all that

Their "pvp" content is you against what I assume is bots of
made teams of other players. Which sounds easy on paper
because all you'd have to do is let the game play itself and
you'd know (if you have the character) said character would
do when. The problem however comes to it not being very
balanced. I carry a lv50 party as my main use.

What am I to do when even on easy they let someone's team
slip in with 4 lv80 5 star characters? My characters on 300ish
attack to try and take out generally 2 very overpowered 450
to 500 defense like level 80's that can wipe my party on a
single burst and it's not very fair or fun making pvp sometimes
tedious and forced losses. I imagine once my team reaches
lv80 overall that will stop. Since unlike a 50 to an 80, an 80 to
an 100 is a better match.

The only way to win in that case is the be lucky and hope the
matched team is someone your team is strong against. Don't
let anyone tell you this game is pay to win. When you throw
money at Idola, yes you get stronger a lot faster and more of
the good stuff and even some gifts during certain events.

But as a free to play, there is nothing that game gives paid,
that I couldn't get as a free to play. Just a lot slower.

Overall: I think characters should have more attacks as just 2
per character is boring. Weapons and characters in banners
should be separate. And rates could be a little better.

There is only 1 4 star character I have that's duped out not
from an event. If it's not Quna only 1 5 star out of 10 has a
single dupe. Every single 3 star I have could of been fully
maxed out about 2 times over. However weapons and souls
are fine due to how often they drop out between missions,
events, banners. There is even items you can use to level
symbols without dupe. Pretty hard to get them, but obtainable.

Idola is nowhere near as bad as these other games. Unlike
dokkan or legends setting you up to lose within 10 seconds
if you don't have the favorite units. Even if 3 stars aren't all
that good, I'm 100% confident I can still take them on a hard
quest and come out on top. And when you do events in Idola
you really walk away with some things worthwhile, whether
it be a new character, leveling items, souls, or weapons.

Idola is worth the time, but if you think of spending, just
remember what I said. You won't get your money's worth
out of it, you'll get something, but you'll get those same things
a bit slower by just playing the game. Like every other gacha,
spend when you got spare money and really want to.
Otherwise pass and save up for something that may come
raccoon1267 Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


the game soo good
it's dose not feel like fgo people talk about
its completely different
rewards good lot rolls
music good as well English voice
SlokaiWorshipper Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Idola Phantasy Star (IPS) is a gacha game that you ever wish for: permanent free x10 rolls daily, lot of freebie, spark-able banner, fun gameplay, various contents, great events and an understanding developer. And yet there are quite things that often hestitate one to actually enjoy the game wholeheartedly.

Let us first understand its positive aspects. Gameplay. Mobile games for general standard are needed to be easy to engage without often consuming your times too much. According to this viewpoint, IPS did a good job of creating an undemanding turn-based mechanic with the implementation of auto battle, auto repeat, x2 spead and skippable animation. One may argue that these aspects would butcher the "actual gameplay", I disagreed for in this review I am discussing about gacha games, which are entirely different from pc or console respectively. Thus, IPS could be picked up and played without worrying yourself too much.

Content, pvp and events insofar as the time of writing this review. IPS for the most cases understood its fanbase in particular and newcomers in general very well. The game knew what we often expect, let say summer event. Great banner, good rate-up, new characters with beautiful illustration, pre-event and main event with alot of freebies/material to farm for. Additionally, IPS also offers you with daily x10 rolls permanently on general banner. At the core itself, there are main story to play, side missions for farming, daily activities, Idola mode (similar to raid), fate chapters and finally pvp. On the basic, most of them are the same as other gacha games, nonetheless providing you with sufficient amount of enjoyment in a less time-consuming manner.

PvP itself. If There is a tier list, there will be meta. IPS is no exception from this notion. However, in retrospective, most of my experiences with pvp were rather pleasant. The pvp is seperated into three sub-categories which I shall call bronze, silver and gold. Each will match you up with suitable opponents. Bronze usually starts at B+ (low power), Silver is often at A~, and Gold is usually against S~. Each yields different amount of pvp currency for pvp gachas, which included exclusive characters, x2 rate, material... Hence, even if you feel underlevel or do not have "meta chars", you can still save up enough currency for rolling notwithstanding.

The game strongest gimmick may actually lie in its design orientation. Beautiful illustrations without falling under the spell of oversexualization for fan-service and cheap marketing. Factoring with its free chaos /law/neutral system, which is similar to light/shadow in e7, and you have abundance of great design to be entertained.

Now we come to discuss where IPS did fall off. the never ending cycle of dupe system, one of the greatest sin in gaming history we ever witness if sins are permitted (joke). Under the scope of consumers, this decision is but infuriating and unfair due to Appalling rate for 5* characters, unparalleled growth. Notwithstanding the subtituted materials, this system is far from making the game enjoyable.

Very interesting universe connecting with Phantasy star online and yet the game cannot go beyond "interesting" with its subpar writing, forgettable characters and poorly written villains. Fate episodes are not even an improvement, however, they provide with sufficient information to understand your favourite characters insomuch as the writing allows you to.

Finally, the loading time. Personally, this problem stemmed from my own experience with the game, which was similar to let say "F**", everything was under this annoying, slow loading screen before I could actually play anything. Hence, scrapping my entirely playing section with continuous alt-tab in order to wait.

IPS is a greater game in term of customer service and listening to their fanbase. Yet it is without fault and many often hesistate too look past these problems. Notwithstanding these matters, Idola Phantasy Star is definitely time-worthy and one should play if he/she is looking for another good gacha on the market.

P/S: Global version is CBT right now and maybe wait for official release if you could not bring yourself to put everything in google translator.
Miranda Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Empecé este juego hace poco, pero ya voy bastante adelantada nwn Los rates son muy buenos, siempre te suele tocar lo que quieres y el juego es muy amable con las personas f2p (consigues estrellas muy rápido y fácilmente); el gameplay está bien pero me joroba que hayan puesto un modo automático, porque le das y ya lo dejas ahí que lo haga él solo xd A mí personalmente no me gusta el diseño de la interfaz, tal vez solo sea cosa mía, aunque los gráficos están bien (son parecidos a los de honkai Impact) y las skill animations son geniales. La música y las voces y todo eso está muy bien, el problema es que no hay una forma de regular el sonido, simplemente lo puedes quitar o poner, pero no regularlo :c Y finalmente está el tema del idioma (deberían ponerlo al menos en inglés :() no entiendes nada, ni la historia ni para qué sirve cada opción. Yo lo que he hecho es ir explorando todas las opciones y al final me acostumbré, aunque hay cosas que sigo sin saber cómo se hacen ;-; Pero en definitiva, está muy entretenido y es muy bueno, uno de mis juegos favoritos, sin duda
Untima Eskpomma Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


ก็ OK เพลินๆ แจกหมุนกาชาฟรีเยอะเล่นใหม่ก็ไม่มีปัญหา ขาดแต่พวกตัวที่เป็นตัว Top จริงๆผ่านไปแล้วหาหมุนไม่ได้ และตัวละคร EP2 ดันเริ่มมักง่ายทำ 3D กันหมด เปลี่ยนร่างชุดไม่เปลี่ยน พวกตัว 2D เก่าๆทำมาดูสวยกว่าด้วย แต่ตัวละครชายดูดีไม่กี่ตัว ที่เหลือเน้นลุงๆหมด
Arif الفردوس Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


it's a nonsense the EPISODE 1 chapter 12 where ever you find the LIBRA hydra boss but you fight it without become a hydra.. it will hard and i think its impossible to win to passing the episode..

and now i have finish episode 1 [不滿]
Pendodongo Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


El juego está demasiado bien en estética, historia y el gacha es justo. Realmente vale la pena jugarlo, solo el único problema es la historia pero con tal solo buscar en un sitio la historia del juego no hay tanto problema.
Gizati Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


This game has a big problem that doesn't make it top, which is the lack of an English version.
Koori Arigami Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Okay story for now since there isn't much stuff revealed other than some human, elf and demonic is actually coming from outer space and then they created makina, lycan and gnome. Battle is fun and challenging enough as long as your character aren't way too overleveled against the enemies. On top of managing your skill cooldown you also need to manage your elemental stock. Music is god tier and the art is good enough. What i like the most is probably the Fate Divergence system. Turning law girl into chaos or turning chaos girl into law feels good, corruption and redemption is my fetish. Though some guy is screwed wether you turn him into law or chaos. My only complain is the battle sprite, the animation feels cheap.
Steam msn Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


The game has Valkyria Chronicles collab event and Selvaria Bles as Gacha unit, not regretting playing it.
Ainur Amri Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


I only play it for the Idola points, but it's enjoyable nonetheless, compared to pso2es for me
Andre Cesario Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Played since 2018. Don't have any comment about the game up until Stella (new resolve) came. Multiple elemental blast animations gives this game a different feels. Too bad they removed this after Stella (new resolve) got released. Although the animation is better and can freely change fates, that multiple elemental blast animations are one of the reason I start playing this game. It'd be great if they add this feature again in the future
Brower100 Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


I feel like the F/GO Comparisons are a bit unfair. t
The game has improved in visuals since its initial trailer, distancing itself from F/GO in that department. The game starts with a guaranteed 5☆ gacha pull, and after that the gacha rates are fairly forgiving, at 2% for a 5☆ Character, a step above recent games like Dragalia Lost.
The battle system has nuance, with the ability to set up 2 teams of 4 characters each, with a burst limit system and a slider of attacks for each character. There is also a x2 and auto options, and the AI is decent enough most of the time not to get themselves killed.
For pre-registration you're given enough stars for a 10 pull along with a 10 pull ticket, making rerolling easy, especially with the first free gacha being after a short initial download. I have a lot of faith in this game, and am having a lot of fun with it so far.
Frallen Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


No puedo decir nada con respecto a la historia (dado que no entiendo un pimiento el japonés), es muy parecido a fgo en el buen sentido, lo siento más ratido y ágil en el combate lo cual es bueno, sin mencionar que es más accesible el conseguir un 5* no como en fgo, los gráficos y la música es buena también, lo recomiendo bastante, solo falta esperar a la versión en inglés para entender la historia, pero de por sí y sin entender nada me resulto muy entretenido.
Supathom Pangrangsut-dom Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


I want English language
KRISHR Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Something fresh in the Phone/Tablet section for the Phantasy Star franchise.
- You've got yourself a story that isn't an eyesore
- Unique characters with voice acting in and out of the story
- An enjoyable gameplay and fighting system
- Whamming music
- Constant rewards/freebies and events leaving you not encouraged hand over your wallet
- You've got an endgame
- There is Gerda

And now it's getting an English release for those who didn't/can't experience the original version.

Go play it
Thomas Friedrich Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


RATES ARE GOOD GUYS ONLY 2% TO GET AN 5*[怪笑]. Lets fuking roll the 5* another fgo with better rates, hey the rates are high guys they are HIGH 2% HIGH [發困]
Jasy Morotî Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Es un genial juego se los recomiendo la historia es muy buena tambien el PVE pero el PVP es una completa kaka despues de la actualizacion de marzo si tienes no se un ejemplo de +190k de ataque con tu equipo otro de solo +140 te puede romper el culo te recomiendo solo jugar pve en pvp te vio%%^ no te recomiendo jugar pvp solo te frustraría Usan dos Poponas + Matoi te recomiendo ahorrar estrellas para obtenerlas por que la mayoria las lleva en PVP Coliseo estan rotas.
заебумба Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Йоу. Искал что то наподобие фго, а эта игра заинтересовала ещё во время пг. Что я могу сказать? Это слишком охуенно. Музыка, визуал, история. Максимально ублюдская гача, но хуй с ней, с гачи на нг выпал рар и заебись. В общем кто заебался дрочить фго, в принципе норм варик отвлечься. А бля, чо забыл, состав пати тоже уебанский. Есть два ст.. пака карт, и хуй ты воткнешь в один пак всех тех персов которые тебе нравятся, нужно делить и меня это бесит. Кому не лень чекните сюжет, он и правда охуенный. Ну все ебать, чилл пацанва
Faith Stay Knight Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japonés


Only playing this s*** for pso2 weekly SG.
This game became worser to f2p player ever since EP 2.
1. Its became harder to get SD, they reduce the daily Star Diamond (SD) from 100 to 50 and rarely give free SD from event since most of event at idola is only small scale.
2. New banner = new meta. Giselle and New Stella everywhere at high rankings arena also there is this new limited quest become easier if u use new Stella and of course you can only get them from SD only gacha.
3. Sometimes they changed event and weekly mission SD reward to scam ticket (there is a lot of tickets at idola, the only useful ticket that equal to 3k SD is only 10x roll ticket).


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