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Ha-nachan GANMA!


the layout is pretty simple compared to other manga app if youre learning japanese,so yeah just basic knowledge is enough to understanding this app👍,also not every manga has no furigana some of them have it depends on the publisher. its just the ads that kinda bother me sometimes,i mean its fine just before you read one chapter you need to watch one ads but lately the ads are really R rated real nsfw pic so kinda disturbing when i try to read it in public places[發怒][發怒]
Sky Aoi GANMA!


This is Useless if you are starting to learn Japanese It is too complicated there is no furigana also so if you aren't good enough dont use this.
Lwx 101 GANMA!


Pretty good if you're learning Japanese, it's not the greatest if you're a complete beginner but if you have some kanji knowledge then it can be pretty good
Naphy GANMA!


Good, but kinda silly interface
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