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TRAHA Global has that "Black Desert Mobile" game vibes, although it isn't as polished and rich as BDM. The story is so-so, with your role as the usual errand boy (or girl).

Character customisation is good. It has sliders. No gender-locked "class" unlike Black Desert. Gamers need to choose from the two factions—Vulcan or Naiad.

In terms of class system, players aren't tied to one class alone. You simply need to unlock the class and change your weapon. Available class and weapons:
Archer (bow and arrow)
Assassin (dual blades)
Berserker (greatsword)
Brawler (knuckles)
Defender (mace and shield)
Mage (staff)
Reaper (scythe)
Samurai (katana)

Gameplay is fine. It has the usual auto-quest and auto-track which you can simply turn off. In PvE, no auto-grind button, while it has no auto-mode in PvP (at least I haven't seen anything like that yet). Combat is good. It has dodge system.

Has life/profession system like blacksmithing, cooking, crafting, exploring, fishing, and gathering.

PvP Arena matching is poor. While there is a so-called "scaling" to make it fair, it doesn't really seem to work because you can easily get one-hit killed by opponents which is ridiculous. Other forms of PvP Battlegrounds are also available. The game forces gamers to engage in PvP which is apparent in events.

Gears, weapons, and acc are all craftable, or drops from special bosses.

Upgrade system is good. It is automatically transferred upon changing equipment. Success rate depends on allotted resources rather than pure rng.

Drop rate is atrocious. You can collect or buy 1300+ continuous summons without any luck of getting legendary familiars, pets, or spirits.

Pay-to-win element is apparent in the sense that the more you have (costumes, familiars, mounts, pets, and spirits), the higher your CP will be, especially in PvE where the CP wall will hinder gamers from taking in story quests.

Can be played across different platforms. Also available on Steam.
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