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Millita Shard Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-


F*ng good to me as a fun of this genra.
Honestly, i can't wait for more update of this.
Account_Not_Found Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-


★★★No-Lies Quickie Review★★★
The BEST Free SIMPLE (Semi-Offline) Dungeon Crawler RPG.
If you find it too hard, just watch some ads and get strong.

No in-game purchases, no fancy system, SIMPLE old-school Dungeon Crawling. For those who like to farm and progress, this is the best one available.

Semi-Offline since you can hire other players' characters to your party//be hired by other players when you enlist your character to the Bar.

Normal graphics, normal audios, basic old-school gameplay (so no complaint there), normal storyline. Is it worth playing when you have nothing else to play? Definitely a time killer.
knight hart Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-


It is quite good, despite all the needed improvements in the UI, the game live up to the expectations of d&d type of game. Also, the devs know quite a good bunch of Lovecraft references.
Recommended for those looking for a simple rpg game with no other bs than the story itself.
ボルトナルト Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-


Willeme 80 Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-


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