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NaoChan CyberCode Online


It's a Online Text RPG as you can see, At first you'll find it a bit complicated to follow but you can always discover the features by yourself as always and you'll get used to it, there's also Quest [ Task ] Dungeon, Online Chat, Jobs, And Online Market you can buy from including Crafting and stuffs.
My Gameplay was good, a bit Entertaining if you ask it really depends on other people taste, for me i got hooked up at first so i guess it's also a good Experience.

Well that's all i can say to this game tho, if you're curious give it a try, but it may be a bit complicated figuring out how other things works, so if you're lazy to figure out the mechanics or read tutorial then idk up to you.
D Rus CyberCode Online


Un mmorpg por texto (con algunas imagenes) con la mejor comunidad que he visto en mucho tiempo en un videojuego. Gameplay simple pero original, desarrollado por una persona(Indie) pruebalo, te sorprendera!
Ismael Ortiz CyberCode Online


Un juego donde en la simpleza encuentra un arma increible para desarrollar mucho demostrando una vez mas que tener graficos de última generación no es un requerimiento para una buena experiencia de juego.

Ademas la comunidad es muy buena, de las mejores que he encontrado hasta ahora en un juego.
SmolCat CyberCode Online


unique and entertaining.
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