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Well, well. I wasn't thinking of adding review to a different server since I already have one for Sea. But due to how different it is now, i kinda have to.

If you're on Sea region, this is the only way I know to access this version.
But is it worth it?

If you like free stuff then now is the time to try it out. Free selectors, 1 purple rare skin, event with free selectors and random ticket.

code for awakened selector (not sure if it expires or not): CS1UTDKGJ08INT

If you're new then:
Game mechanic is you deploy units on a 2d fighting style space and they move towards the other end, doing auto attacks and skill while you can manual or auto ult. End goal is usually to destroy the enemy flagship while defending your own.

Global Pros and cons


Free stuff for now. Remember that it's only for a limited amount of time.

Rearm skill lvling doesn't need specific fragments. But you still need rarity fragments to rearm.

Higher chance of having collab than Sea, even though the last one isn't too great.

Gives more codes than Sea


Had to lower the gameplay and graphics since the old one is better. At least for me.

The UI is fine for me but the hp color being white bar isn't. lf it's for colorblind then add that mode instead. Qnd whitebar is suppose to be shield. Now it's just a lighter whitebar.

they remove units receiving exp on stages. Which means the only way to lvl now is by using exp tickets. That's going to be alot if you want to reach 110.

they seem to remove dive skip. Not great when you already know that a dive stage is a sure win.

Kinda ridiculous change in shadow palace. Needing 3 full different teams altogether.

constellation like mechanic and I'm not fond of it, you kinda need 5-6 dupes. It also lacks the QoL of selecting units that has dupes.

Seems a good amount of players aren't happy with some of the cons here and more. The devs already put their stance and seem to be finding a way to resolve some of the issue. I just hope that they are. It's a shame if they lose more playerbase just after the rebrand.


Great game with amazing character and storyline, really easy to get great character from gacha considering how generous they are.

Tho i must say the global version have been very hit on miss on the bug and connection issues, some had a really bad disconnection problem while some having just some minor issues like raid loading slowly.

Also just to add to the fact that the global version of the game look pretty rushed, i enjoyed the game as of now but I don't know how long i would stay in this server if they decided to mess up the game balance.

But overall game is great have some interesting waifu, and great storyline (atleast for me) so you should atleast check it out and see for yourself if you enjoy the game or not.

tldr; great game but rushed content and lots of bug on release
7Lords Game Hunter COUNTER: SIDE


Counterside Global Gameplay: https://youtu.be/xYt7NkIn7ik


Absolutely love the character but i wish it required a bit more Brain power for strategies like arknights


irytuje mnie gdy ktos zaczyna mowic ze kazde frytki z maka smakuja tak samo. Sranie w branie. Raz jadlem tak dokurwiste fryty ze chcialem az sie cofnąć i dokupic jeszcze 4 paczki, a raz jadlem tak ohydne ze nawet do polowy nie moglem zjesc. Jesli kiedykolwiek spoleczenstwo zrozumie ze w kazdym regionie hoduje sie inaczej ziemniaki przez co inaczej smakują, wtedy bede mogl spokojnie umrzec.


I'm very happy with this game, starting from the characters, storyline and battle effects, I hope the in-app purchases can be fixed because they are according to the region


Ehh ta logika lasel
Mieszkam sobie w mieszkaniu z jedną laską (mocne 8/10) i dzielimy czynsz na pół. Ogolnie świetnie się dogadywaliśmy i było super. Jakiś czas temu siedziałem sobie w pokoju
pardonu w samej bieliźnie, siada mi na tóżku zaczyna się do mnie dobierać.
Pytam się jej co odpierdala, a ona żebyśmy się zabawili.
Jako, że nie chce żadnych kwasów w mieszkaniu, odmówiłem jej i przytoczyłem stare przysłowie:
"gdzie się mieszkai pracuje tam się chujem nie wojuje".
Obraziła się a ja juŻ Czułem, że zjebałem bo odrzucona laska na pewno zacznie się mścić. No faktycznie, od następnego dnia przestała się do mnie odzywać. Gdy siedzieliśmy razem w kuchni ostentacyjnie wyciagała telefon i z kimś pisała. Coraz częściej zaczęła wychodzić z domu wieczorami i wracać późno pijana mocno przy tym hałasując. Jakoś szczególnie mnie to nie ruszało, ale to co dziś odjebała przgieło pałe goryczy. Wracam z roboty do mieszkania, a tam na stole.

Papiery Rozwodowe
Cyrus Tristan Pardillo Calansanan COUNTER: SIDE


i love this game i migrate to global and i will just log in for my sea account


Great game with great character and a pretty f2p gacha, gameplay can be pretty boring from time to time but it's still fun, although i will say it's really disappointing most good skins are p2w locked but we still got some f2p ones but they are not as good as the ones for real money + there aren't that much of them from what I've seen so far.
Rimuru Tempest COUNTER: SIDE


i love this game.. been playing for 2 years.. storyline and art is a great.. one of the best f2p games i have ever experienced.. just need to be patient and plan resources


Nên chơi global vì Dev họ mua lại NPH từ Nexon rồi. Trong tương lai sẽ phát triển game tốt hơn nữa 👍


Most gatcha games that i play i tend to drop within a week or two but counterside in all its glory is actually really good. The characters are great, I love the pvp, and the gameplay isn't half bad. it's easy to get whoever you want within the game. They give you 30 free rerolls to get whatever SSR unit that you want. I also love how they dont completely undermine SR characters. As of writing this the best healer in the game is a SR. I think the balancing for most characters are ok. I haven't found units to be super OP except one that almost everyone has. Although I would say this game is super F2p whale can get a huge advantage on you in pvp. during launch id already see people with full teams of level 100-110 units with probably perfect gear on, as time goes on tho you'll probably catch-up since i haven't found leveling up and ranking up to be super difficult. Honestly if you haven't you should give counterside a try
Abraham Romero COUNTER: SIDE


Bastante bueno el juego, su historia cuando la analizas te atrapa. Y muy amigable para los que están comenzando.


Welcome gift is superb. The game is kind enough to give the player boost starter. Reroll isn't much needed, don't waste your time rerolling. A nice bait i must say.

Just like the pictures, the graph is 2D anime style. The design is good, and live2D is always welcomed.

PvE is for "The guy who needs to do something in real life, so i'll auto/skip everything." To be expected from online mobage, repeated farming is to be expected. The battle is much auto/skip to get the reward. And depends on your PoV, it may be a good thing or bad thing to pass the time.

Whoever write the story, give them a medal for Best Employee from Studiobside. Planting of information, background lore, characteristic, roundabout ways to tell the relationship each character, development, etc. has been written so goddamn good. The flow is understandable. What lack of it is the player choice of dialogue, something like FGO to make the 'player' feels involved in the story.

This is the hard truth, ranked gauntlent (PvP) for now is a hard hit for F2P. If ur a pure F2P, you only can get so far. The new unit is so much OP they dominated most of the PvP league. the farming is kinda slow (use stamina) and if ur units aren't strong enough, then ur gonna stuck in a circle.

Maybe it's just me, what i have experienced from KR online games that has PvP always follow the same pattern. e.g. Grand Chase, Elsword, and Closers Online. New unit is meta until they buff the old one or nerf the new one. A nice bait at the start, and another common marketing strategy so the player will 'roll' to try to maximize their units power.
Mario Aldana COUNTER: SIDE


i simply love this game, good rates, not everything is money and it has good content.[怪笑]
Dondon Obrador COUNTER: SIDE


IIts good game to be honest but My problem is on ranked matches for me its pretty unbalanced because like me who start playing just get picked of by low ranked high level players


i like this game a lot. but pvp is hell for newbie.
story and gameplay is good tho, overall good game.


like usual, I can't get invested in the game's story, however it's there and I see it's good. So far I've understood we're a robot(?) Correct me if I'm wrong. The graphics are very good, every character is L2D, the voice lines are a bit meh imo, but it's Korean and I haven't gotten used to it. it gets a bit laggy with the skill animations so it's adviced to turn them off. I can't see any real difference between max and normal settings, so take that as you will. And the mechanic with earning trust as you become more generous is very good. Overall a solid game


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