7Lords Game Hunter Anima of Quantmix


Anima of Quantmix Gameplay: https://youtu.be/-nldCwdHMro
Johπ Anima of Quantmix


I used to roll the dice, feel my dick in my enemy's ass
Listen as the crowd would sing, now the old king is dead. Lol.
One minute I held my nuts, next my balls were closer on me
And I discovered sans. Apon pillars of salt and pillars of salt and pillars of salt and pillars of salt
I hear Jackie chan singing, omae wa mou shindeiru
Beat my meat
My soooooooooooooos
For some reason I can't explain, why we live in a sociaty
Were gamers
Don't rule the world
Panumas Nimsomboon Anima of Quantmix


เกม(ตัวละครสาวๆ)น่ารัก เล่นง่าย แนวเทิร์นเบสRPG พิมพ์นิยม

เล่นต้องมีความอดทนหน่อยช่วงแรก เพราะเกมแจกน้อยมากก , เรตกาชา คือโคตรเกลือ ตัวละครออกแต่ เรตN สูงสุดคือ SR (ตัวละครก็ยังดูน้อยๆอยู่ )

มีโหมดเนื้อเรื่อง , ลงดันเจี้ยนหาทรัพยากร, อารีน่า

จบจากการสอน ได้จะตั๋วมากด ได้ตัวเรต R ตัวนึง กด แบบ 10โรล 300เพชรครั้งแรกได้ตัว SR 1ตัว (คงแค่ครั้งเดียว)

16 พ.ค /วันนี้เกมมีอัพเดท แจกของมาเยอะเลย ตั๋วธรรมดา 30ใบ ตั๋วม่วงๆ(ตู้กาชาเพิ่มเรต)5ใบ
+ เพชรอีก 500-800 (แล้วแต่คนผ่านเนื้อเรื่องมาก-น้อย)

เกมเนื้อที่ 2.86 G
Iraz Van Eilberg Anima of Quantmix


this game is really good. cons : too stingy reward
Dstroy Anima of Quantmix


- The core mechanics of the game are similar to most gacha rpgs. However, in-game translations could be better for a number of character skills.

- Character voices can be selected from either japanese or korean, though both are average at best. Bgms are lacking in certain aspects of the game, especially in combat, as the bgm during combat sounds like a soundtrack one would find in a farming simulator. Sfx in combat is abhorrent, with most attacks sounding like a kitten scratch or a blunt spoon slapped against one's wrist.

Character design:
- The sole redemption point of the game, characters are well designed. However, the combat sprites of the characters lack differentiation.

Quality of Life:
- The user interface of the game is acceptable, as the game doesn't overly complicate anything. The game does possess a sweep function, which does provide an easier to farm.

- The main point in which renders this game unplayable. The game lacks a substantial amount of in-game rewards, whether through events or through progressing the campaign. In the game, a single 10-pull requires 300 diamonds, which is the premium currency of the game. However, the game only offers a exceptionally small amount of free diamonds to players. Additionally, rather than providing players with free diamonds by clearing stages in the campaign, the game offers instead a different type of in-game currency known as AP. AP is a currency in the game used to exchange for a number of different items, including diamonds and gacha tickets. However, similar to diamonds, the game only offers a measly amount of AP per stage cleared. For every stage cleared in the main campaign, players earn only 7AP, while 120 diamonds (less than half of a 10-pull) requires 2000AP to be exchanged for.(285 stages).

Currently, despite the game having just launched, there are essentially no game launch bonuses, pre-registration bonuses, or appreciation gifts. There is also no tutorial bonuses aside from a free R character (rarity order: N < R < SR). New player bonuses simply provide players with a total of 330 diamonds, 15 standard pool gacha tickets, and 300 AP.

Admittedly, there is a possibility that there may be more events that have yet to start as the game has just launched. however, based on the rewards offered by the events that are currently running, there truly isnt much to expect from this game.

Cheap, Greedy, Predatory, etc. There are many words that can be used to describe this game. However, overall this game is simply an attempt by a greedy publsiher/producer to earn as much money as possible from a low-quality game. so for thise considering to play this game, just don't.
Ren Kame Anima of Quantmix


Такая хрень, жесть. Я не думал, что может выйти настолько жадный кусок кала.
Наград за выход игры нет.
награды за логин для новых игроков - полное дерьмо. 7 круток, когда на гарант нужно 300, а каждую гачу крутки сбрасываются? Серьёзно?
1% рейты в гаче. Особо не играл, но персонажа можно собрать, а значит и прокачать за куски, которые падают с дублей персов. С 1% шансом на СР... Без комментариев.
Персонаж красуется на баннере, которого в возможном для выбивания пуле нет (Только СР-а. лоутир мусор рядом с ним в пуле есть)
1/10 крутки за прохождение миссии, когда нужно 300 мать его круток...
Донат неадекватный. БП есть, и только донатная версия.
Для нормальных людей тут только можно зайти, посмотреть на картинки, и удалить эту помойку весом в 2 гига.
M. Soracle Anima of Quantmix


i used to play this game when it was in vertical dimensions on KR server. although i couldn't understand the language, characters and skills made me stick with it.
now that it is in kinda english! i will have an easier time playing. additionly, lots of changes has been made since the vertical time! from graphics, story, UI to skills and characters which is a very big plus.
the only thing that needs to be done right now is to polish the translations. thanks for bringing back the cat girls[開心]
Silverion Anima of Quantmix


Game Language = English

Let me start... this game is mediocre but after prolong play the flaw became apparent by the minutes

1. The loading is basically everywhere and hinder the fluidity of gameplay

2. Rewards so sux beyond believe, daily, event login, heck even new player rewards not even 1 Highest grade character given

3. Ads? i dont mind that, but the rewards for ads is basically 1 gem ( you need 30 to even get 1 pull), its so disgusting like spitting on the player face

These kind of games are basically cancer for gacha games community as a whole, just spawn to leech and died as fast
sfvikbch Anima of Quantmix


ภาพน่ารักดี เสียงก็โอ แต่เรทกาชาโคตรเกลือมันบอกเรท R 10% SR 1% แต่คิดว่าเรทจริงๆคง0.01มากกว่า เปิดเป็น10รอบได้ R มาแค่ตัวเดียว เค็มยิ่งกว่าเกลืออีก
Vianz Salju Anima of Quantmix


Mampir kka: https://youtu.be/Lvqrit_pePk
Indri Oktavianto Anima of Quantmix


download separate data so you don't play right away loading loading and loading to much
Kouki Anima of Quantmix


there two type of gacha curency n free, rate for free summon is.. dont hope to high for this if y wanted higher rate chara. n curency not that good either
simple say all rate is low than other gacha game.
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