Dead_empire GenEi AP: Empty Heart


its a good game and you can replay after finishing the game to get anything you need for 100% however the problem lies for me is that i cant find 2 more music disk for completion other than that.

edit: found the last two i needed
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor GenEi AP: Empty Heart


GenEi AP: Empty Heart เกมภาพแนวพิกเซล เดินเควสลุยปริศนาต่างๆ ผ่านแต่ละด่านพร้อมเพลงประกอบสนุกๆเพลินๆ
เกมนี้มีขนาดประมาณ 300 MB
ในเกมภาพแนวนี้รู้สึกว่าทำเกมออกมาได้ดีมีปริบทการเคลื่อนไหวที่เปลี่ยนแปลงตลอดเวลาเสียงไม่ใช้วนไปมามากนัก กำลังพอเหมาะ
Luna (月) GenEi AP: Empty Heart


The story is beautiful. I really found it relatable in a way. To find comfort in music and live for someone who you find comfort in. Trying to do anything for them. The ending really made me sad- (✘﹏✘ა)
Starlie GenEi AP: Empty Heart


since i really like these rpg games haaha i would say this is a very good short game

it has like vocaloid songs on a certain creator and it's a cute styled game

so it's a recommendation from mee
Cloud-gazer Game Hunter GenEi AP: Empty Heart


This is a very relaxing, light-hearted, and cute game. The direction of the story is refreshing because it doesn't really entail a dark route or anything! It's a story of finding honesty for a friendship!
The game's puzzle was a bit tricky too! Especially with the last two disks, but I was able to solve it with the help of Harumaki Gohan's fans! If you ever found yourself stuck I got spoilers further in this review, so hop off those who don't want any of it. If your last two disks is for Bunny-holding Spica and August Spica-- head to Mikage's Home and choose Dream Time in the clock, without drinking coffee, three times. You will then enter the Dreamless Dream and there will be a disk for Bunny-holding Spica, and further the dream is a crying bunny that will give a Rainy sound. Play the Rainy sound in the Radio and check the Bucket of Fireworks, and there will be a disk for August Spica.
Custos Tenebrae GenEi AP: Empty Heart


I'm a sucker for pixel art, so this game is a gem. Yes it's a very short game (2 hours top), but the story, the ambiance, the music, everything is very well done.
Wanpanchi GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Short game, nice graphic and amazing music. Thanks to this game i discovered many new songs from Harumaki Gohan. If you don't have much time but still wanna enjoy something, maybe you should try this game.
Jiliam_669 GenEi AP: Empty Heart


[大哭]AHHHH, ES MUY LINDOOO ♡♡♡♡, ME ENCANTÓ, muy linda la historia [鬼臉][鬼臉], la musica es muy bella [色色], relativamente es muy bueno y adorable [可憐]
Kerrie GenEi AP: Empty Heart


I really like this game, though it crashes very often, so I can't enjoy it properly :_)
2Soulz Game Hunter GenEi AP: Empty Heart


nothing special. Music is kinda cringe af
Avit GenEi AP: Empty Heart


damn ceritanya sangat amat menyentuh apa lagi di bagian lagu promise ... nyesek dan di bagian reunion apa lagi ... tapi lagu paling menarik di bagian melty nightmare ... kenapa harus nighmare ? rasanya agak sedikit ... aneh
Тире GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Милый сюжет, больше гемплэя, что не являетмя минусом. Это правда хорошая игра с прекрасными песнями, очень понравилось проходить, когда немного всё подзабудется пройду ещё раз!!
Maria Suzuki GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Ich liebe das Spiel! (✿ ♡‿♡)
An sich bin ich kein Harumaki Fan, jedoch ist das Spiel ein must have für Vocaloid Fans.
Das Spiel entspannt gut für den kurzen Zeitraum, die Story ist sehr schön. Hab das Spiel innerhalb einer Stunde durch gehabt. Sehr schade, dass es so kurz ist ಥ‿ಥ
Aber umso schöner macht es das Spielerlebnis.
Kann ich jeden nur empfehlen![開心][哇噻]
Ceyea GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Very heartwarming and comforting [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]

Puzzles are a bit tricky but you can make it possible[開心][開心]
Never to be shy to ask for help if you're stuck[色色][害羞]
kembaran GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Sill Vantomfive GenEi AP: Empty Heart


a really good game i enjoy it some discs i wasn't able to know how to obtain them so i use ytb ...
but it's good i recommend it
Maru_MijukuDreamer GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Achei o jogo fofo!
E ainda é pixelado, adoro jogos pixelados!

A música e a arte do game são lindas, os cenários são sempre lindos e a paleta foi bem escolhida!

Os puzzles foram meio confusos de início (e também por que eu sou péssima em puzzles) mas nada tão complicado.

A história eu achei interessante, pois foi o ponto de vista da Mikage em relação à Spica, e segundo a Mikage, a Spica queria ouvir música (sendo que ela só queria conversar com a Mikage) e daí vem as músicas da Mikage, que na minha opinião são boas e se remetem à situações do cotidiano ou até coisas tirada mesmo da cabeça da artista.

Eu acho que o jogo em si foi uma maneira de mostrar como funciona a cabeça da Harumaki Gohan para fazer as músicas.

mas é claro, posso ter entendido errado ou não ter me expressado direito, mas eu acho isso ae kk
EPZEMAX GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Muy bueno la verdad, fue una bonita experiencia [開心]
jm GenEi AP: Empty Heart


it's a short cute game :0 the graphics are pretty and the songs as well
Milena GenEi AP: Empty Heart


Just played it through and the music and background were beautiful [開心]


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