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bunkentan Life Crush Saga


This game is difficult if you don't pay attention to what you're doing. It is also difficult because everything is at random - the parents you are given, the destiny cards, and even some of the mini games - so getting a good ending is pure luck and some strategy.

I managed to get at least three good endings without being born to rich parents in my first two hours of gameplay without using clovers. The bad endings are interesting as well - there's a ton of them after all.

I probably wouldn't recommend this for people who get frustrated easily with losing a whole bunch, or those who don't want to be reminded of the unfairness of life.
Josh Cromer Life Crush Saga


this game is nearly impossible to win a good life. you dont get enough moves to get anything done, being poor ruins the game which is 90% of the game, and the mini games to get the jobs (if you're lucky enough to get them) feel rigged because i didn't win a single one.
KoaLeahq Life Crush Saga


Prepare too get a lot of bad ending. its just too hard to get 1 good ending without using a lot clover
toppp1 foe Life Crush Saga


please add my local language indonesia so i can install this on their phone to scare my kids by giving them subliminal message how harsh is live with example in this game so they can have better life than mine
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