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Thats right. You read it right. Louis Vuitton has a game. Yes, the famous brand.

Unfortunately, the game isn't optimized well. There are some frame rate issues and it seems it crashes often for others. Maybe for gaming phones, it'd run better

The controls are bad. I think the camera being on the lower right and the jump on the upper right is kind of awkward. It's the opposite placement compared to most games. That's not my biggest problem though. The controls are just bad. Camera movement is hard to use.

The goal of the game is to collect the candles. You'll unlock more in the future. You also get to learn a few things.

Bravo to the graphics though. I find it absolutely lovely. It's a shame the gameplay doesn't live up to it. Hopefully they fix the game and optimize it. I'd then be willing to increase my ratings once the controls are better and doesn't lag a lot.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor LOUIS THE GAME


LOVE ME BUY ME LV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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