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moin master Stampede


You primarily get stronger by dying. Your ressources transfer across death but your characters and their upgrades reset every death. You die when your princess dies. Your have a party of 4 which can not move during battle (princess excluded). The skills are fun to use and there are some really unique ones. There is definetly some amount of strategy involved. You can auto play by not playing for a few hours. You can use gold to unlock secret skills and stat boosts.

The soundtrack is cool for such a small game, however I think having the bgm chip themed like the sfx (or like PLEX's bgm) would be even better. You can play it offline after starting it for the first time.

I think this game is pretty cool!
ShawnKua Stampede


Shoutry, yeah i remember them from the previous game called PocketLord. Ah takes me back.. unit raising back then was nice and fun.

Okay so now it's Stampede.

Graphics - I say superb, feels like the original pocketlord only different in game setup.

Sounds - the sound is great (for me) kinda brings me back to the old game but it still is good

Gameplay - different from the previous game since you get to battle infinitely, even if you lose you'll get reincarnated and get power-ups to raise your main chara (Princess) and 4 random soldiers (get replaced everytime you reincarnate or you can job change em).
- there's still the map exploration part (unlocked when u reach wave 5 i think..) a dungeon (unlocked when u reach wave 20). basically you get to collect random equipment from each wave you fight.
- save up some gems for power-up or to gacha new characters (for rank up), princess sprites (changeable when you reincarnate) and artifacts that boost your soldier and princess.

Storyline - still a big question mark for me..even the first game didn't have a story, but it's exploration type and wave clearing so...moving on

Value - okay, so like usual i normally put 5 stars on value as long as it can be played offline. no more discussion there.

For more info..try it. It's a good pastime game if you want to collect and challenge yourself.
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