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Okay! Since I LOVE touken Ranbu, this game will always get a solid 5* from me. This current version ISN'T AVALIBLE TILL THE 31ST TO PLAY.
The voice acting is amazing, and has many of my faves!

Each sword, has its own music so you can customise the music in your Citidle home screen, same as change them into their Yakuta.

I recommend saving materials, as OG olayers from the JPN version know...theres gonna be a Sword boy you want! For me, Onimaru is who i'd be saving up for on this version!

The only down fall is, some events CAN be P2P, as in items to progress faster! I'm a free player and the grind is real 😭👌

JPN version is around 540 MB while this version for now, is 192MB!


242 MB is needed!
my last rating, I forgot to say.

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i'm pretty new to touken ranbu so might change this rating later

first of all.. love the music, they managed to give this.. jp historical vibe using classic instruments, very relaxing and fits the overall theme

The graphics might not be as flashy as modern otome games but I say.. keeping their old aesthetic makes the game unique in it's own way

the gameplay is easy to understand and there's something similar to a gacha system called forge where you use materials to get touken danshis (the boys u use in battles)

problem is, there's no drop rates (as far as i know) and i don't see what are the possible touken danshis i'll get

so.. to get the guy u want u could be either extremely lucky or look up recipes

as for the storyline.. im not sure where i can find it (• ▽ •;)

so far i've only done sorties (basically the battle mechanic of the game) and still haven't encountered any storylines

If someone knows where i can read the storyline pls let me know, or if there aren't any also tell me

that's all i have to say for now, sorry if it's not too helpful (٥↼_↼)
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Vừa nhận ra đây là một con game rất tâm linh khi khi rèn mãi không ra Ichi nii nhưng sau khi niệm " tôi có Ichigo Hitofuri" 55 lần thì anh ta về thật 😳😮🥰
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Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket เป็นเกมแนวต่อสู้ตัวละครภาพ ประมาณนี้แหละ เกมเก่าแล้วแต่เพิ่งมีเปิดเวอร์ชั่นภาษาอังกฤษ น่าจะเหมาะกับผู้ที่ชอบโดยเฉพาะ กราฟิกต่างๆ เรียบง่ายไม่เวอร์วัง
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Graphics: Not much to it but the artwork for the swords are superb, the UI and everything does show it's age so keep that in mind.

Sound: Top tier VAs, Soundtrack seems good to me, battle sounds are meh but as i mentioned above it is quite an old game

Gameplay: Look it is not for everyone, very simple gameplay but the game DOESN'T hold your hand, you will have to search for what specific sword styles do and which battles they excel in and their growth rates. You will spend most of your time on 4-4 levelling swords or doing events. Whilst battle is simple, there is quite a few mechanics for levelling swords/powering up swords.

Storyline: Not much in game/i believe it was watered down for the English release, if you're interested then watch the anime for it. TLDR; the boys are swords of famous people throughout history

Value: It is a good game, but it shows it's age, I hope they eventually do an overhaul.
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It means Dance of the Swords really a pretty title !

This game has hidden content over the internet, the English version is quite unfinished but

You have a new game coming out soon BUT 3D LIKE OMG on switch and pc, musical concerts , anime and merch !!! It's out May 25th like woooahhh I can't wait-

It's such a underrated hidden gem , the story is lacking because they didn't do it in that English version but it's available in Japanese so the Wiki might help and the anime makes you understand stuff better too !

But it's an old game and same studio as DMMD (Dramatical Murder) so they're really really amazing at games you won't regret it

You can be casual in this game and it's very very f2p friendly , the grinding is fair (it's not h24) you can have your own pace at doing events , the rewards are usually worth it

When they release mass characters needing koban (money of the game) right after they do a koban treasure chest event well it's heavy grinding but you do whatever you want like: I want that much amount and rest (that's what I do)

The forge system is very nice: you use materials to get characters and troops (armor for your characters) and the wiki is beyond complete, about the rng /chances of getting a character so getting ssrs is possible or the strongest swords

Character design: 5/5 best game about it so far

Everything is amazing and worth playing , at least you won't cry because of rng but because you won't have much materials anymore during a time

But playing with friends is better imo you can find out stuff together because sometimes it's not that obvious but as I said the wiki helps a tooonn

Also it's not a competitive game against others which is amazing 🌸

But once you entered touken ranbu hell you never go back from it it's addictive in a good way-
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The game is pretty easy to pick up with the help of the straightforward tutorials (best fox konnousuke[開心]) and maybe a few here and there will let you get hang of the game.

Graphics wise i say it's not really bad. For me, it's very unique on how they never tried to change the game design to be on par with modern gacha games. The aesthetic of the game is actually relaxing to look at [害羞][害羞] The music is calming and the interaction you can do with characters thru poking the screen is also one of the cute stuffs ÒwÓ

I'd say this is very free-to-play friendly unless you really are a hardcore tourabu fan (like me[厲害]) since it doesnt require you to buy things on the shop unless you really do want to. The events are easy to come by and the forging system (the gacha) is also fun in my opinion! [開心][開心]

All in all i rate it 100% better than any modern maiden gacha games[厲害][厲害]
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I only recently gotten into Touken Ranbu, but the game is a lot of fun. Its definitely a "raising" game where you create the swords then work on leveling them up. I highly enjoy the battle aspect of the game, as well as duties and surveys. I enjoy getting to mix and match characters in these groups, and also enjoy how easy it feels to complete tasks. The games gacha mechanic of using resources to build the swords is fun as well, since I enjoy getting to try various quantities just to see what i get. I do highly recommend the game as I feel its also a great jumping point to then getting into Anime, Musicals, and even movie.
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Panik bener, akhirnya datang juga versi englishnya... huhu bener-bener bikin seneng deh. Karena ni game ku tahu dari animenya, dan animenya itu seru dan menghibur juga ceritanya [賣萌]. Karena tahu ada gamenya langsung unduh deh yang versi jepangnya, tapi sekarang udah versi englishnya [開心].
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Es un juego muy lindo visualmente pero tiene mucho potencial desperdiciado.
Siendo una persona que les gustan este tipo de juegos (RPG, Novelas visuales, Simuladores) Touken Ranbu a sido uno de los mas vacíos y monotonos que eh jugado en cuanto al gameplay.
La jugabilidad da para muchisimo más, ya que en sí solo puedes "elegir" la formación que llevaran las espadas en los combates (y eso entre muchas comillas porque el mismo juego te dice cual es la mejor y la peor) y de ahi en fuera solo puedes ver como tus lindos espadachines pelean automáticamente con los enemigos, lo que lo hace aburrido y simple...y eso me pone realmente triste, porque hay muchos otros juegos de su estilo como Bungou Stray Dogs, Nu Carnival y hasta Twister Wonderland que tienen mejores mecanicas de combate que los hacen muy divertidos y emocionantes!
Y de verdad me duele que sea así porque Touken Ranbu es una de mis franquicias favoritas, lo conoci por el anime de Hannamaru y de ahi me enamore: me encanta la histora, el diseño de sus personajes, las personalidades de estos y sus habilidades, realmente espero que mejoren el gameplay y sus mecanicas en cuanto a los combates porque esta franquicia se lo merece totalmente.
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cứu mình với ạ :( mình định sync data từ điện thoại lên pc mà nhập id với pass nó cứ báo sai trong khi mình ghi đúng từng chữ từng số 😭 giờ mình không transfer dữ liệu được nên sợ mất acc game quá
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Anyway this game is not for everyone I know you might say it's boring but I understand. I like the game it's just raising your swords, do battles, do events and stuff like that. The artstyle is so good like it's so pretty believe me the designs of every character is just so pretty and the music is superb it's so pleasing to the ears. And also their voices is so good!!! good voice actors are here your fave VA might be here too you know but sadly there's no storyline I am actually interested. Overall if you love raising game you might enjoy this tho the gacha is so painful.

I really like touken ranbu so it's always 5 ratings for me.
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Game là dễ. Ootachi là đại lão dame superd, muốn bem đứa nào cứ đeo troop hạng nặng, kèm thêm mấy anh tachi, uchi bảo kê. Chỉ cần đại lão sống đc đến lúc ra đòn là càn hết ko chưa mống nào ;3
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This game is surprisingly addictive 😵 And the guys are pretty! But it looks like apart from the introduction, there is no actual story to follow? I'd also like to know more about the characters...

Also, please give me Dategumi already T-T

Edit: I got them! Love this game!
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I am a complete new to Touken Ranbu and here is my experience with the game:

Graphics: As many others have said before the games layout looks VERY outdated but what isn't broken doesnt need to be fixed as some people say. The touken (the guys you collect) all look amazing especially since they are all drawn by different artists so none really look the same!

Sound: Sound is fine but I did have to adjust the background music a little to hear the Touken's voices better.

Gameplay: It's easy to understand for me at least. You forge (pull gacha) to get a Touken. To get a specific Touken however you do need to look up recipes for them to get them. (I found most recipes on the fandom wiki of tourabu)
I dont fully understand it yet but ill get it eventually.
To level up your Touken you go on sorties (battle) or go on survey/duties.

When it comes to events however I would not recommend trying if you are new like me since you need to be a higher level for those.

Storyline: Can't say anything about it since there isnt really anything except small interactions between Touken here and there when you play the game. Most say for a proper story line you need to watch the anime but you can still enjoy this game without a proper story in my opinion.

Value: This game has a lot of value especially since it has been around for so long. It's nice if you like a game that's a bit slow paced compared to most gacha games nowadays.

I'll keep playing and maybe I'll give a proper opinion when I get further into the series 👍
MintYoki Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket | Inglés


this game is amazing 😠💞💕 this game is a big poggers if you love some sort of fighting game, gacha, and building characters

well, even tho some of the events are p2p, but you still can play f2p as well, probably going to my top fav game list

I've been playing the JP version and to be honest i was blinded because they use kanji and i can't read japanese bruh

the interface was a little bit confusing butim sure you will understand it quickly
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LOVE this game sm!! All the characters are beautifully designed and fully voiced. They all have individual personality traits, making them lovable. Honestly came here from the anime adaptation not really expecting much, but the quality shocked me!

One minor complaint I have is that the core gameplay of the game gets repetitive after awhile. When your troops get destroyed and your swords get hurt, you need the resources to repair them. Resources are hard to come by in end-game, and even to replace the troops, resources are required as well.

Other than that, this game is really fun and highly recommended for those who enjoy raising sims! The amount of times I've gotten the same swords over and over again in gacha is painful though ;;; Though I can't complain when they give me more Kashuu, hehe. [開心]

EDIT [8/3/22]
There's a new event going on rn thats VERY f2p friendly for new players! You get 100k of each resource to summon new swords, a fuji, a black horse AND a pretty new background! Plus, they're giving out an SSS tier character Mikazuki Munechika to ALL new players, so if you want to try this game out, now till 8/4 is the best time.
Faren Night Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket | Inglés


I like this game a lot! The art and voice acting are beautiful! It's fun getting all the characters and unlocking their lines and looks! I also enjoy that I can play it easily on my phone wherever I am. The aspect of the game that isn't fun at all is smithing campaigns dropping rates. They are horrible. The player can try forever and never get the sword they're looking for! Other than that I enjoy the game.
LuminaSaber Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket | Inglés


Gorgeous art, sound and lore. Simple gameplay, might seem repetitive but encourages switching teams to keep your units alive.
Shabrina Siti Fatilah Sayuti Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Pocket | Inglés


The character designs of the Touken Danshis are superb—this is the main charm and why Touken Ranbu was very popular in my opinion.

The gameplay is honestly so-so, tends to be boring. Like Kantai Collection...
I think anyone will agree that Touken Ranbu's gameplay is considered to be outdated. I hope the developer can solve this problem, like adding new features and big updates. Although this won't be easy, ofc.

And newbies will usually get difficulty to follow the latest event or updates since it requires swords with high levels... And also the confusement to follow the storyline

Yes, talking about storyline, it actually quite good—but not stable. They don't really have a plot to begin with, although we know the Touken Danshis and us Saniwa (player)'s mission is to keep the history safe.
This game is definitely made for fangirling... In my self-opinion.

But I like it. And it was an experience~
I hope there are more interesting Touken Danshi released soon!


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