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If the app doesnt work for yall first download ovpnspider (it is safe and it works!), then choose a JP(japan) server and if the server doesnt work try use a server that says "Status: active" and not unknown/unreachable :)
Ootori_Shikikan Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


Soooooooo... It is indeed region locked so you need VPN, the game ain't that bad, we also get to choose our most wanted beginner SSR so it's good but overall, it's just another average Gacha RPG game, don't expect something mind blowing.

But since I'm down bad for Maki, I still play the game, but eh, not gonna waste a single dollar tho.
PROGEMICS Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


i hope this game will go global launch early next year and i hope anyone seeing other comments just try it for yourself get your own opinion.
Here is a 60 seconds on how to download jujutsu kaisen phantom parade
Ana Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


I waited so long for this game to come out. And when it finally comes out I keep getting connection error😭 This is pure torture😭
fvllmoon Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


(long review incoming)

grafik mungkin masih kalah sama animenya tapi tetep bagus & mulus. soundsnya juga bagus; bgmnya kyk ost² animenya, sfx ga bikin aku sakit kepala (often an issue for me), dan buat voicelines kata aku sih 10/10! [開心].

game ini turn based gitu ya, skill total ada 4 dan tentunya beda² nyesuain tiap chara. pas battle mulai masing² chara punya 10 energy dan bakal nambah 10 tiap turn (kecuali maki). skill ke 2 & 3 itu biasanya ngonsumsi cursed energy antara 10-40, tapi chara² tertentu bisa lebih sedikit, kyk suamiku gojo yg skillnya cuma make 1 energy, ato cewek aku maki yg ga butuh energy samsek. cumaaa yg bikin kesel, gojo tuh cuma punya jatah turn 7 kali. kalo udah habis, dia pergi (mana voicelinenya ngeselin). ngerti sih buat ngimbangin krn dia kuat bgt, tapi makin progress makin ga cukup woy 7 turn doang mah😭 mudahan nantinya ada cara buat nambah jatah turn dia.

lanjut, game ini punya cerita² original yg seseru manga/anime/drama cd nya👍 live 2d dan beberapa cg yg dianimasiin ngebantu jadi lebih immersive juga. plus, semuanya full voiced!! sub storynya isinya ringan, kyk sisi slice of lifenya jjk gitu, bisa di unlock dengan naikin character rank dan totally recommended buat fans² jjk yg kangen sama mereka² yg udah meningg-- tapi jujur kurang banyak like I NEED MORE‼️‼️

reward menurutku lumayan adil sih ya, cuma strugglenya kerasa pas build character buat ngelewatin lvl 60-an & grade 6. farming bahan buat lvl up & jp (semacam koin), apalagi masih level rendah, menurutku lebih enak lewat event.

diawal tuh ada dikasih gacha ssr free reroll sepuasnya, dari misi newbie jg bisa dapet 1 tiket gacha ssr. terus ada 1 tiket lagi dari daily log in 7 hari tapi aku lupa ini sementara gamenya masih baru aja ato permanen buat new player. terus berdasarkan pengalaman, dapetin chara ssr agak susah (lebih mudah dpt scene ssr), tapi aku pribadi ga masalah, krn itu yg jadi alasan buat lanjut main (kalo mudah kan cepet bosen ntar :/).

sekarang lagi ada event megumi![開心]
---- Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


people that are angry by people asking questions and wanting help need to chill. they're as excited as we are.
no need to act woke on some game.
GiAM Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


game will be available tomorrow lets hope it needs no vpn stvpid kids
edit: region lock sucks
ROBERT.E.O SPEEDWAGON Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


never thought i came back just to play jjk

game alright but you need to get openvpn and input a desktop dns
then get annoyed by the fact you need to turn on the vpn every 8 hour and add more ip when it doesnt work.

graphic i prefer it being chibi instead of realistic
so that's already bad bias from me

sound: (insert eve joke)

meta wise
as for now pre 2024
its already dumb enough
and my tips is just get 3-4 copy of gojo till you find a unit you want on the limited banners

-atleast somewhat real build for Time limit subjugation or a strong subjugation (45K+ power)
kaito(R)+yaga+nanami (SR)/momo/geto if you have him+gojo (spam buff and then Cast red for 1-4M damage)

-area survey

into kaito+yaga+nanami+gojo at area 5 (you need to setup gojo ultimate bar at area 4 for 1-2 turn)

-theres a cursed combo for Boss score subjugation (easiest mode) that deal over 500M damage (max reward is 10M btw )
by using a combo of kaito-principal yaga-shoko ieri and nobara by Looping BUFFING skill and infinite curse energy+healing on a Boss enemy that cannot do damage on a level 91 max defend stat buffers and it took you HOURS to get the correct stat and crit for no reason outside of im bored and im doing it the fraud way

storywise is funny because its both Non canon but it fill in the Unknown slot like whats Hanami full domain expansion looks like

Value wise
treat it like Konosuba,
the game is there and will continue to be there because its a cope canon
which is real now since the author decided to make fantastic day LN instead of volume 18 post end continuation.
latte.s Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


❤ лучшая игра по аниме и единственная в которую играю с включенным звуком) жду новых лимит. эвентов, хочу выбить Нанами с:
うきうき Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


Overall since I'm a Jujutsu Kaisen Addict and I like turn based games, it's pretty good been playing for months.

Total GB: 6GB (ALL STORY downloaded with VOICE OVERS)


Value through shop: you can't really pay for anything since it's Japan only game, so you're forced to play F2P unless you find away to pass through it

New players always receives alot of good stuff such as a FREE REROLL SSR ticket consisting of standard banner characters:

• Nobara Kugisaki
• Itadori Yuji
• Megumi Fushiguro
• Gojo Satoru
• Todo Aoi
• Maki Zenin
• Panda
• Toge Inumaki
• Junpei(?)
• Nanami Kento

7 day mission: Receive 1 free roll of SSR Character (no reroll), free 5 copies SSR memory card (they're like those artifacts used for bonuses, use the right one and you're good— I believe they call them Meisou Kaga?) and lots of Kaiju's and free pulls on the standard banner.

Gacha system will be on luck, but it is easy to get an SSR. Just have the patience to have 10 pulls and your all good— I do not recommend pulling singles— ALTHOUGH it is based on luck since pretty much— I had the most unluckiest sh*t on the Purple Gojo limited banner and I still didn't get him through 100 pulls 🥴

My Limited banner pull experience:

• Geto Suguru - Got him in 80 pulls + SSR new memory cards with copies
• Yuta Okkotsu - Got him double in 40 pulls + SSR Panda and standard memory cards
• Gojo Satoru(purple) - did not get him by 100 pulls what I've gotten is 2 SSR Inumaki, 2 SSR Nanami, 1 SSR Maki and lots of SSR standard and new memory cards.

Game is grindy. Yes it is very much grindy through level ups, event's, and on the gacha currency:

Gacha solo pulls consist of 300 Kaiju (name for game currency) and 3,000 Kaiju for 10 pulls

f2p daily gives you 30 kaiju on daily mission, free 10 and one 50 for the week end(?) log in— while Main stories gives you 50 each level

Has LOTS of permanent missions consisting a reward of 10 to 30 Kaiju (just play the game)

Events gives an average amount, but i haven't counted it in total though, but big events i think gives out 1,500 Kaiju.

although they give out huge rewards for celebration such as announcing to give out 3,000 kaiju for 4 million downloads or something like that

• Character level up from 1 to 103, Grade 1 to 10 + talents 1 to 10.

• Memory Cards depends from your copies, but max is 5 copies from level 1 to 80

• Small Events gives free Limited Event SSR Memory Card and wants you to fight boss fights over and over again— daily to get maximum rewards of 5 Limited Event Memory Card copies and Kaiju's.

• Large Events gives you free Limited Event SSR Memory Card, different things to fight (small fights, different bosses) and has event shop you can buy stuff from (Event limited Memory Card copies of 5 and Including 20(?) standard banner pulls, etc.)

• Edit: I forgot to mention version updates! They give alot of Kaiju's on updates such as new log in dailies with Kaiju's or just some upgrade stuff, Email rewards (depends) and a lot of times they give new limited missions with upgrade and kaiju's

• Game is grindy (level ups, events)
• Good Story especially the 'game only' stories that are not related to the anime nor manga
• Not F2P friendly through game currency (Kaiju)
• Gives out good and decent rewards
• Easy to get SSR by 10 pulls

Feel free to ask me anything in terms of the game, I'll try to answer you in detail and by experience as much possible [鬼臉]
Melina Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


I'm a die hard JJK fan as well as a Eve fan too. Having the game out with Avant for the title screen. Is just so phenomenal. I could honesty listen to Avant for hours. The graphics are fine in my opinion. I wish there wasn't such a drastic difference between the anime and this game's artstyle, but it's fine since they are both very pretty. I personally despise games with this playstyle, but i couldn't bare ranking it below 4. Just not a major fan of turn base rpg games. I'm not that far into the game to truly rate the story, but from what I can tell. It's practically the same from the anime/manga. Idk if im wrong, but I believe they incorporate the ocs(original characters) into the story. I value this game a lot because its only thing JJK related that doesn't make sad, or affected by Lobotomy Kaisen(iykykiydyd). Also I've been waiting for this game for ages, as soon as I saw the trailer for Avant i couldn't wait to play! Anyway stan Eve!!!
*Sorry if some things don't make sense English is my third language*
Meow Meow Lexi Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


Absolutely love this game! Of course you need a VPN but ovpn spider works like a charm!!
Lestxe Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


actually thoroughly enjoyed this game! ^^ the graphics were a nice and pleasant mix of the old and new one, plus they didn't use ugly CGI so that's a plus from me. the fact that it was region locked was a littlee annoying but nothing a simple click of a vpn couldn't fix [開心] the rates on this game is actually one of the most nicest of any gacha game I've played [賣萌] so nice in fact that i somehow was able to get every SSR in part 3 of the 0 event! cool [鬼臉] the story mode is the same as usual basically but it adds more filler to JJK through the extra stories and the events !!! very cool [開心] though one downside i have with is the gameplay. the most popular one that i can compare it to is FGO, if you're not a fan of those types of game i wouldn't recommend, Phanpara is incredibly grinding so that's a thing to consider.
Tirimito Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


Graphics are nice and the characters move in the visual novel parts, but sometimes they use scenes from the anime and it gives a bit or whiplash because the anime is so much more shaded.

Each character has their own unique stillset that follows there lore. A super good example is that theres a "core mechanic" revolving around cursed energy and Maki just... doesn't have it. Because she doesn't have cursed energy. Super cool.

The fights don't match up with the story. It would have been better if they made us (the player controling the team) lose when the character in the story loses.

I was honestly expecting more original content from the game but oh well, getting my favorite characters in the gacha is nice.*

*Edit: The events and extras have original story, but the main story is a recap of the anime.
ilovehypmic Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade



Been playing this since when it released which was last year November if i remember correctly [賣萌] but after a month i quit since i didn't really have the motivation.... DONT WORRY IM NOW BACK INTO THE GAME NOW :3 and heres my honest opinion about this game :

I absolutely love jjk with my whole heart and this game made me love it more!! The gameplay is amazing and trust me, YOULL GET OBSESSED [可憐] i legit played this game for 5 hours every single day and i dont regret it...

First off, you'll get a free pull and yes you can reroll it!! AND OFC I WANTED TO GET GOJO CUZ YKNOW HES THE STRONGEST | For the banners, idk im lucky or it gives the same treatment to other players but i always manage to get atleast a SSR in my pulls [怪笑] The percentage is quite reasonable and you'll definitely get something if you can gather up atleast 20-30 pulls

AND I GOT MY FAV GETOOOOOOOO I WAITED FOR HIM TO COME FOR SO LONG idk if hes in the standard banner since he came out during an event banner so..... fellow suguru fans im sorry BUT DW SATORU IS IN THE STANDARD BANNER!!

Trust me when i say this cuz gojo is literally too op to be in this game. LIKE IM NOT EVEN KIDDING 💔 but they did nerf gojo which is you can only use him for 7 rounds and boom hes gone

As for leveling up the characters or being faster to progress in the game, LVL UP GOJO IF U HAVE HIM. GIVE HIM ALL YOUR RECOURSES IDC IF YOUR FAV ISNT HIM JUST DO IT. He can easily wipe out the enemy using his ultimate and one go, and while the other characters waste 10 energy, bro only uses 1 energy instead LIKE THATS SO COOL

Final thing to say is that if youre a jjk fan, you better download this!! U WONT REGRET IT [鬼臉] i really hope they will release a global version so that other ppl in the world can play it as well!! ANW THATS ALL
hjru Yuhe Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade


after updated the game on march 23, 2024 I can't play it anymore. is it locked? i used 0vpnspider and it worked normally before. but everything changed after the update. is anyone here facing the same thing?


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