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7Lords Game Hunter Time Defenders


タイムディフェンダーズ | Time Defenders Gameplay: https://youtu.be/iBKHtJrZnvI
Chibe Time Defenders


First of all game is not optimized and clunky. It's like unfinished game. I dont mind the ping because of overseas server but as i already played tons of games (pc and mobile), I'd say this game is "hard to play" or to enjoy at least for me

I'm using emu bluestacks 32 (RTX 2070) and OnePlus 6T,so far "good" games are working smooth on both my devices such like Genshin,Honkai,PGR,Arknights that needs good phone/pc to run and I'm running with high-end setting for those games

- Gameplay : I kinda like the TD gameplay but camera angle is lil bit weird,clicking the characters is way to laggy
Idk why most of ppl got bugs but i never find any bugs so far

- Sounds : I like characters VA but ingame sound is lil bit luckluster

- Story : I don't understand Japanese

- Graphics : Well this is OK i think similar to King's raid (same dev tho)

Gacha : SSR 3% kinda high, 0.1734% each character and 0.4% for rate up. Have character and equipment gacha both have 300 pity. Idk in the future but the rate banner only last for 1 week. Fcking RIDICULOUS

The mechanic ingame is kinda p2w,i didn't expect that from vespa. I just finished ch.2 using base characters but the system to reach endgame upgrade is to get dupes
You can feel the power spike after ch.2
The resources is really limited in this game and makes the game kinda unbalanced
Maybe it's still early game

At least at Arknights i can clear annihilation 1 on day 1 and some story chapters

Edit TLDR : So i decided to drop this game because as a TD game,this game require you a lot of grind to keep up and to make it worse equipment system. Means you cannot use low rarity characters to keep up the difficulty
As the times go on you need full SSR team with their signature equipment to keep up the hardest difficulty. I mean come on DON'T make it like King's raid equipment system to a TOWER DEFENSE game
If you enjoy the game then good luck. I have real life so i don't want to waste my time to a bad game that i can't enjoy
If you think this still a good game (copium),just check other reviews (playstore,taptap,appstore)
Ngô Việt Cường Time Defenders


Mong là đừng flop như con game King's Raid :v
Kirsdasangsimma Time Defenders




Ary Prakasa Time Defenders


This game has so many potential. But there are so many bug issue here.

Also, we need auto repeat feature for grinding purpose and make skip ticket available to buy more with chromium.

after all, this game deserves better treatment. I m waiting for global release and have high expectation with TDFS!
M. Soracle Time Defenders


as expected from Vespa, the production value of the game is up the roof! Time Defenders along with Watcher of the Realm are doing things we all needed and wished Arknights would do but it didn't! even after a year. I can't wait to get Time Defenders in English so i can enjoy the story (which vespa is a mighty God at!). hopes for the global release[開心]
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Time Defenders


Time Defenders เป็นเกมที่เปิดมาปุ๊บบู๊เลย เน้นการงมเล่นเลยจำเป็นต้องูภาษาญี่ปุ่นในการเล่นแหละ ตัวจะพุดตรงไหนเวฟมายังไงก็งงจ้า คงต้องรอภาษา จีน อังกฤษ หรือ ไทย มาค่อยมารีวิวเล่นสำหรับเกมนี้
Alexei Vorobiev Time Defenders


Игра запустилась, но на первом задании тупо ничего не происходит, пишет final wave и все. Печалька
Ashley7 Game Hunter Time Defenders


From my point of view, this game is easy to play and easy to understand. Sound and graphics are good. But the storyline is a bit stiff (but it's fine for me).
Plus, it's a bit difficult to get some items and also some of the items sold are expensive (of course I won't use my real money), such as skip ticket.
Character level follows the main level, can't exceed it. Don't forget to upgrade skills too (3 skills for each character). There's also a kind of gem forging like that (I don't know what it's called yet, but it can increase character strength). Like any other game, the tiers/grades start from N to SSR.
Oh ya, 2 more, be good at strategizing and the size is almost 4GB.
Overall, this game is pretty good too.
Nova乄新星 Time Defenders


Tldr it's Aegis but 3D, or Arknights but harder and with higher difficulty ceiling.

Graphics and Sounds are very good, the storyline is animated, which I personally like, just that it can't be paused right now.

Okay, but then it takes a nosedive in gameplay, the game itself still has a ton of bugs which will affect your experience and force you to restart a lot. And then they had to remove a bunch of stuff from chromium shop like exp and skill cards which helped our progression a lot, and now we progress like a snail. (Let's just hope they're revising the shop). Overall, it plays like an unfinished game, but it has a lot of potential if the developers properly fix the issues and revise the shop.

The gacha rates are quite good, I've been playing for 6 days as a f2p and used about 260 pulls.(Have gotten 12 ssrs from gacha in total). Even tho i have a lot of ssrs already, i find myself upgrading SRs a lot more just because they're wayyy cheaper to upgrade and some of them are really good too. Even some of the Rs like Krsnik and Robin Hood are very good and dirt cheap to upgrade.

I'll continue to stick around and see how Vespa will address all these issues.
gesit ppgcrb Time Defenders


the best TD game in the world. psychopat just give this game 1 or 2, star because they don't understand the language
Haris Sudana Time Defenders


こんにちは開発者。ゲームはとても良いです、私はそれが好きです。しかし、バグが多すぎます。 直してください!グラフィックは、重くなく、目に心地よいものにならないように、再び洗練されています。[難過]
SnowPanda Time Defenders


สร้างเกมมาเหมือนเข้าใจอยู่คนเดียวอ่ะ ทั้งระบบกาชาที่ต้องมานั่งกดซื้อทีละใบกว่าจะสุ่มได้ มีการให้ดูไกด์ของคนอื่น แต่ดูไปก็เท่านั้น พวกนั้นมันเทพทรู มีแต่ตัวแรร์ๆ ตอนมอนมาโคตรกลมกลืนกับออฟเจคจนลืมดูเลยว่ามันมาตอนไหน โดยรวมแล้วงานอาร์ตสวย เอฟเฟคสวย โมเดลออกมาดี ในวีดีโอดูยืดๆแต่พอเล่นจริงก็ไม่ยืดนะ แต่บางทีเสียงพากย์หาย ขยับแต่ปากของตัวละคร
พวกอีเว้นท์รายวัน อีเว้นท์เปิดตัวไม่มีการประเคนให้แบบเกมอื่นๆ ต้องไปกดดูเอาเองซึ่งบางคนเขาไม่รู้ว่ามันมีอีเว้นท์ 7 วันด้วย โดยรวมเหมือนสร้างมาแต่ระบบการเอาใจคนเล่นไม่มี คนสร้างเกมเข้าใจมาอย่างนี้ก็เอาลงมันทั้งอย่างนี้เลย สอนแต่ระบบการเล่น ไม่สอนระบบอื่นให้คนเล่นไปงมหาเอาเอง
Danilo Perez Pavez Time Defenders


Hace tiempo que no jugaba un juego de móvil tan basura. Mejor instalen el Arknights y no pierdan el tiempo en este trozo de mierda.
Lance• Time Defenders


RTS - Gameplay Remind me of Arkknights but in 3D form.

Overall Great Game. Mr. Qoo you must change it to JP/KR/TW,CN,TC/ASIA/US.
Mahardika Bayu Time Defenders


TL;DR this is a complicated version of arknights
edit: there was a performance update, although it made the game smoother, they removed most of the things you can buy on the chromium shop (using currencies based on gem spent). Some of the items are super useful, so this looks like a bad sign for me, for a game that resources are rare and you'll need it from the get go.

Production quality is over the top. Each map is unique, and using basic every day life map is interesting. I like the classroom battle, as cramped as it is, it's super amusing to see one of my assault unit rides a horse inside the class.
Voice acting is good, not a lot of well known seiyuus but they nailed the characterization so thumbs up from me. But some voicelines sometimes doesn't play at all.
The 3d model and the 2d sprites are nothing but excellent, as expected of Vespa. The enemy design is quite generic and or basic. It is hillarious to see one of them uses a painting as a shield.
Current game engine is quite janky, i have to restart every 2-3 battle (using bluestacks 5.0). The game sometimes pauses itself when you cast a skill, cast it again to resume the game. Gacha rates aren't so bad, 3% for the highest rarity is quite generous compared to some gacha games. Although apparenlty dupes has a significance towards character growth. I'm not quite sure what it's for so i can't comment any further regarding that.

With that being said, from now on it's my rant towards this game. The game is a combination of TD (tower defense) and some bits from their previous game, King's Raid. Is that a good idea? For now, no. Characters are really fragile. A mob can kick your assault, the one that regenerates your "vitality" (or command points like in arknights), in the ass. Imagine getting hoarded by those bastards. The healer only heals half of the damage my units suffered. There are so much stats to consider, like crit, crit damage, elemental damage, resistent, p.def, m.def, etc. These stats affect the consistency of your auto battle, and my auto can fail for each 2 of 3 runs, despite it is based on a recorded sucessful run.Upgrading characters goes from leveling up, to limit breaking, to skill upgrading each time the character got a level up, and equiping with equipments (rune-like things) that has a stat and substats, that can be rolled. There's also unique weapons for each character that only available from gacha. And for some reason they made a character (Beatrice) a unique SSR (her icon glow red+yellow) and her rate is lower than other SSR, despite also being SSR. These are signs that might lead the game being a full blown p2w, and I do hope they don't put too much characters like this, or just balance her out.
I feel it is super complicated, more complicated than the run-off -the-mill tower defense that is already hard on it's own. Difficulty spike in this game is hideous, you get gangbanged straight up on chapter 2.
All of these can be accounted to me might be just bad at this game, so take it with a pinch of salt.

The game is new, so i will give it time to improve.
Would i recommend it now? If you don't mind playing something that quite challenging, up to the point of not being fair, buggy, not available in english, and quite the performance issues, then yes. Outside of that, no. Just wait for improvements. Or just make an account and gacha for Beatrice, and keep that until the game improved, at least performance wise
Catz Miaoz Time Defenders


Requires good equipment to progress as well. Difference between a stateless character to a maxed out character with top equipment is very drastic. A stateless character can dish out 500 damage per hit, while a mid maxed out can dish 10000+ even without ambrosia.

Despite the polarity, the game play is pretty good. The stage designs are well thought out. For players that are patient and just want a game that has a long progress journey, this is a must try. For players who want fairness and just want to progress quickly without spending money this game is a hard pass.
Soren_Nash Time Defenders


Personally i feel like the game can enhance their graphics more. Gameplay wise, it seems it has Arknights and Counterside vibes to it. Gacha emm i think its fine for the time being.

I'm not used to write reviews but this game was something that I have been waiting for haha xD keep up the good work devs♡
Hiền Phạm Time Defenders




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