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Not gonna lie i wish my school wasn't a bunch of 1990's people and use this app instead of Zoom jokes aside
this is probably one of the best texting app ive seen so far heres why... Custom emojis, Bots that you can use to play on or make Clones of yourself, you can add as many channels as you want, and more i forgot the rest but yeah 10/10 app
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4 потому что мне никто не помурчал и ножки не скинул
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this app is free and.....when I play games I can talk to my ummm enemies I guess. but app is useful.
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Review format will deviate from standard.
[Honest Review]
It is by far the best communicative tool. Screen-sharing, streaming, video conference, message board, member management, bot-access functions, etc.

It does everything and you can track everything mentioned. You can create different channels, audio and text (hopefully video channel soon).

Zoom is just bad. The boomer talk, seriously, I have met tons of Mods and Dungeon Masters over age of 50s using Discord. Just because the society forces us to use Zoom, don't pin that to a specific group. Sterotyping is bad, and it's unfair to those who are more adaptable.

Also, those over 60s, some use Google Meet, do your research before throwing people under the bus (there are other methods too, not just the few that are mentioned).

Discord, it's just a superior way to communicate.
Visual layout: 5, easy to understand, everything is visible.

Audio: 3, sometimes the mic and sound setting will get haywired...everyone has those times

Functions: 5, everything you need is there. With access to bots, you can do many miracles.

Story: N/A or 5, if you have read every patches they have released and the description on bug fixes, you should be having a good laugh each time they update. They narrate a story in such a hilarious way, you are always entertained on each patch.

Value: Solid 5, if you can find something better, please share with us.
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Es una aplicación de comunicaciones vía Internet.
Aquí a las comunidades grandes y pequeñas. Ya sea privadas o públicas se los conocen como Servidores.

Nombre usado por Discord para referirse a una comunidad.

Tu puedes crear tu Comunidad libremente para un grupo de amigos muy sencillamente.

Para crear una comunidad Gigante vas a necesitar estudiar las diferentes funciones y herramientas que puedes añadir. Todo esto para optimizar el servidor en cara a la necesidad del público.

Desde Bots y salas administrativas. salas de diversion. salas de comunidad personalizadas etc

Originalmente discord se enfocaba al publico gamer y actualizaba su red social para tal fin. Pero con lo que ha pasado a nivel global.. discord y como muchas redes de videollamada etc ha decidido expandirse como una red social enfocada a distintos ámbitos, y a partir de ese momento la red social ya no es exclusiva para video juegos, y se ha anunciado de forma Oficial.

PD: Te recomiendo que visites los servidores más populares y de tus amigos. Y ten cuidado con los enlaces cortos. eso es todo.
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best chat app ever, just literally the perfect thing to chat with anyone, stranger, friend,... you can play lots of thing there, or even role playing, nsfw stuff... you dont have to reveal everything you do or show personal stuff like facebook. they dont show advertisment or things. you can hear music, catch pokemon here. bruh absolutely epic (and dont say that i sound like a 9yo)
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I'm not particularly a social person in public, but when i go on Discord, I am very sociable - even if I'm lurking on the servers I'm in! I have made several friends and even consider some of them as extended family members.
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Buena aplicación para chatear, de forma gratuita es muy útil. Veo demasiado caro la membresía por meses. Pero la membresia es pura estética, así que si no quieres pagar no pasa nada, puedes chatear, mandar fotos, chat de voz. La mejor app para jugar con amigos, también disponible en pc.
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Talk, Video Chat & Hang out with Friends

Teacher: 'Zoom or Microsoft Teams ?'

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when the impostor is sus ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... ding ding ding
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This app helped me to acquire online friends and also allows me to stay updated in game-based servers. The bot system was a good part of the app, Carlbot particularly, is very helpful in monitoring when people mentioned your highlighted word.
There are also the RNG present in the app which allows for RNG-based roleplaying.
The channels and threads are also a good way of segregating topics, and keeping note-worthy ones from getting buried by later messages.
In a way, this app helped me to value my social relationships in irl more as I see that if I could get along with strangers, then I can easily deepen my bonds with others. But that's just me.
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Plenty of weeb servers to choose from, with a really awesome nitro feature that give you more emotes to use while chatting. Would download it again :)
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хорошее приложения для общения, но иногда наблюдают небольшие помехи в звуке.
можете смело качать.
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App comes in real handy for those a part of the english speaking communities of these Japanese only mobile games. I only really use it for this.
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Très très bonne application pour communiquer lorsqu'on joue un jeu vidéo, je conseille fortement, de plus si vous cherchez n'importe quel communauté de jeu spécifique car vous jouez au jeu en question ou que tout simplement vous l'aimez, vous pouvez rejoindre des serveurs avec une multitude de personnes fans du même jeu que vous. en gros je vous conseille fortement
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настя спс за отрыжки, лучше ваших мурчаний


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