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Micochet_23 Arcana Tactics


Graphics: Chara illustrations are good, anime style & there are also male chara, spirit etc (not only female).

Sound: Music are enjoyable, but no VA.

Gameplay: The battle concept is very interesting, there's no wasted charas, because you must choose & fuse heroes carefully when progressing for every phase. The appeared heroes are based on rng (but you can also refresh it). If you want to be a good player, then you must memorize the fusion chart, classes, attributes and also items. Very tactical indeed. There's an auto battle, which is pretty useless.

Storyline: Story for the sake of RPG story, gather companions, stop evil & save the world. Basically, it's nowhere exist.

Value: There's gacha, hero/chara gacha to unlock the heroes so that you can fuse/evolve to them (or direct usage in quest), also dupes is useful for raising the specific hero's level & stats. Then, arcana gacha to get card (major & minor) for additional buffs. Relic gacha to get equipment for extra stats. Get wipeout tickets as many as you can. Daily shop is a great help.

The gameplay concept is great, but also tiring & take much time.
Phương Nam Nguyễn Arcana Tactics


A combination of auto chess mechanic ( combine same tier units, wave stages, buying from shop) and auto rpg( elements counter) and some unique items combo.
Unit tier from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the stars, the more and stronger skills they have. From 3 stars and above units need to be unlocked by summon shop ( Somes can be earned from story). Level up units with shard to open passive slots.
Arcana: a set of 5 cards with multiple effects (buff stats, drop chances of each units, reset shop,...). Tier based from Tarot cards. Can use duplicates to unlock passive slot. Different summon shop beside units.
Game both have PvE and PvP contents. PvP is set to be real time.
Overall, it's a fun game to try at free time.
>>>> This is still a cbt version
Voyeur Arcana Tactics


it seems like the people who are reviewing here doesnt even bother to learn.. the game is great, you need to quick when shopping and trying to remember the combine recipes but as you keep playing you will get used to it, yes the game is hard but its fun, all hero that you have will be usable in this game

i just reach ch 4 in few hours and im having so much fun, its a new kind of genre combinig auto chess and hero collector, give it a try if you like a game that's challenging and not just about gacha and auto
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Arcana Tactics


Felizmente se puede vincular la cuenta desde el inicio, como siempre debería ser, solo debes registrarte y loguearte con una cuenta de Hive. La calidad visual es buena, la historia no importa realmente, el tutorial explica todo claramente aunque puede cansar y desanimar leer tanto porque no hay voces, algo en lo que pierde es en el aspecto del doblaje, no posee. Todos los personajes tienen efecto L2D pero algunos parecen moverse más de lo que deberían, al observar a uno en especial me empezaba a molestar el cuello y pensaba "creo que eso no debería estar moviéndose así" jaja. El BGM es bueno, la interfaz también y las opciones del juego las sentí adecuadamente distribuidas. El gameplay me pareció interesante, el usuario debe tener varias cosas en cuenta y decidir su estrategia, como los enemigos a los que va a enfrentar en la siguiente ronda, las unidades que posee y las combinaciones que puede realizar entre ellos para conseguir clases especializadas, la adquisición de nuevas unidades, la cantidad de personajes que se pueden colocar en el campo, entre otros detalles, muy interesante la verdad. En resumen, aunque el diseño de los personajes no me termina de convencer y la diosa sea la mejor realizada, el tema de la estrategia con los matices anteriormente mencionados hacen que esta entrega valga la pena probar.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/P7msnja_gVw .
Advertencia: Si solo quieres waifus o no te gusta el género de estrategia, entonces esto no es lo que buscas.
Putra Angga Arcana Tactics


Good game with Tactical gameplay...
But in PVE why other player out and i wait until 30s why i not lose in PVE room? please fix it GM
KMRamos Arcana Tactics


So, lemme get this out of the way first and foremost.

I dont like puzzles, strategy, tactics or any games that needs brain power. My brain is already dying from my job lmao so I want my games to relax me and avoid using brainpower.

However! This game is one of the few games that needed brainpower but I still keep. Well, I do uninstall it from time to time but thats because nee-san is poor and she doesnt have any phone storage so she has to lay off some games.

But as soon as this nee-san isnt poor any more and got to expand storage, Arcana Tactics is theone game she always wants to have back into her arms, welcome them home, give them tea and cookies as well as a warm place to stay for...forever!

That is, until the next time her storage space runs out and she has to say goodbye to some games again. lmao.

Anyway, what I like about this game is the unique gameplay. There is no such thing as rolling(or pulling when it comes to gacha games, but I call it rolling) for a 5* char and then nurture and train them to become even more powerful while the starter chars, which id like to call as 'little ones', stay at home and twiddle their thumbs.

No, that is not what this game is about and thats what makes it so unique.

You get to use everything and everyone in this game, no matter if they 5* or 1*. And whats make this more endearing is you have to take care of your little ones first and foremost so they can carry you through stages until you can fuse them to become stronger chars.

The art is adorable, the gacha is more generous than other gacha games Ive played. Currency is easily earned here as well.

I stil think theres a lot of room for this game to grow and Im glad im part of it. So well see what they can add in the future.

And, lastly, I appreciate that you can play both timed stages and untimed stages(practice run).

This way, you can play and experiment what combo your team will be, what peeps you need to fuse and what 5* you gonna be aiming. At the same time, you also get to challenge yourself and see let Lady Luck guide your fuses.

May she also guide your rolls and your fuses as well.
Osvaldo Zetsubou Arcana Tactics


de los mejores juegos que tengo instalados, divertido, personajes unicos, y gameplay no muy original que digamos, pero convence. el juego es lo suficientemente bueno en casi todo pero es muy recomendable. un indispensable en mi dispositivo.
Panumas Nimsomboon Arcana Tactics


ได้ตัว5ดาวมาเยอะใช่ว่าจะเอามาใช้ได้เลย ต้องมีตัวก่อนหน้า ตัวทางผ่าน ก่อนถึงผสมออกมาได้ ล่าสุดผมเอง ผสม5ดาว ได้3ตัว ตัวอืนยังขาดตัวก่อนหน้า ตัว-2ตัว
แล้วเกมต้องใช้หัวจำพวกตัว ผสมๆ ประมาณนึง จริงๆมันก็มีตารางให้ดูละ แต่จะเสียเวลาตอนเล่น

ระบบกาชา ไม่ได้เกลือมาก แถมแจกเยอะ เพชรหาง่าย
สุ่ม 8ตัว 600 เพชร (ไม่สุ่มออก 10ตัวไปเลยวะ ตรงนี้ไม่เข้าใจคนทำเกม)

สุดท้าย เกมนี้ไม่จำเป็นต้อง.. รี
Jin Pio Arcana Tactics


1. Full HD Gameplay
2. Game Type: Auto Chess, Minion, ACG, RPG, Strategy, Card, Collection
3. Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Deutsch, Thai, Japanese, Francais
4. Account Login: Google, Facebook, Hive, Line
5. Review Game: This is the same game as Auto Chess. instead of fighting other players, you evolve units fighting monsters in the game every stage. The difference with auto chess is the evolutionary system of various units, it can be combined together to evolve, but you have to gacha that character. That means you have to learn carefully the evolutionary formula in the game. I can't find the evolution tree in the game so this is a difficult point in the game.
Ice Ddd Arcana Tactics


_(:3 」∠ )__(°ω°」 ∠)_(√ ζ ε:)_-_-。-//(ǒ.ǒ)//-::>_<::・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧( ・ิω・ิ)( ՞ټ՞)( ^ω^)( ^_^ )/~~( # ▽ # )( ˙灬˙ )(  ̄ 3 ̄)y▂ξ( ˘•ω•˘ ).oO
IPunk Coe Arcana Tactics


you can't survive without Compensation in this game since Gold is The Most Scarce Resources in this game !

Other than that , this is a good game.
since Arena and Rangking system doesn't give you game changing reward like MMORPG, i could Enjoy Playing this game casually, without ever attending *unfair* and laggy PvP.

Definitely a Great F2P friendly game.
Miguel Ángel Mesqui Arcana Tactics


Se trata de un rpg automático con gacha de waifus. No es difícil conseguir los recursos para las tiradas gacha, pero sí lo es mejorar los personajes y avanzar en la historia. Utiliza una mecánica de combate interesante a base de comprar luchadores y hacerlos evolucionar durante la batalla, aunque obliga a aprenderte muchas combinaciones de antemano para no depender de la suerte. Mi único punto negativo es que las batallas pueden alargarse muchísimo, sobre todo en modo coop.
HEL Arcana Tactics


Finally its getting a global version[賣萌]i love this game's system its REALLY engaging. the art is beautiful graphics as well. I hope many people will give it a try once its officially released and HOPEFULLY they keep it as free to play as the korean servers..[可憐]
Fataelis Arcana Tactics


Very strong game. Steep learning curve but really enjoyable so far. Atm it's pretty f2p friendly which is nice.
Only downsides are a good chunk of content still in dev and the fairly big amount of game breaking bugs.
Helwhite Arcana Tactics


I just REALLY love this game. Its one of my most favourites. I played the korean version a long while ago and enjoyed it so much i couldnt forget about it so i'm really glad its getting global servers now. It really deserves attention its super fun.

Everything is so clean and pretty to the eyes.
The gameplay is super challenging thats my number 1 favourite part about it, as the game suggets its very tactical and strategic.
The illustrations and art are amazing as always. They honed it better than before its easier to spot everything now the controls are smoother.
I hope they will keep adding content as the game gets more popular because it really has great potential.

SO I SINCERELY hope it remains as free to play as it was in the korean version and lives on for a long time~
Ngga Puhlease Arcana Tactics


My game keeps crashing at the title screen "Connecting to server..." has anyone else come across this issue? I am running on Oppo A12 with Octo processor with plenty of RAMs. Its not connectivity issue either since I tried VPN tunnel to JPN and still it produces the same crash. Help a homie please, ty. [賣萌]
Tander new master Arcana Tactics


Darkness Sniper Arcana Tactics


เกมนี้เก็บได้4ดาวมาเยอะๆจะดีกว่าในช่วงตอนกลางๆแนะนำวิธีหาตัวละคร4ดาว 5ดาวง่ายๆโดยไม่ต้องเปิดกาชาคือ ไปร้านค้าแล้วรีหาตัวไปเรื่อยๆ เก็บเงินกับเพชรไว้ใช้ซื้อเอาการันตีไปเลยดีกว่า วันนึงรีได้มากสุดประมาณ4รอบ(ฟรีรายวัน2กับดูโฆษณา2) ถ้าเจอตั๋วก็ซื้อเก็บไว้ก็ได้คุ้มกว่าไปใช้เพชรเปิด x8ต้องใช้เพชร600 แต่ถ้าซื้อในร้านจะตกตั๋วละ50เพชร(เท่ากับประหยัดไป200เพชร) เกมนี้เล่นผสมตัวชิวๆไม่ต้องไปสนอารีน่าก็ได้นะเพราะแต่ละคนยอดมนุษย์กันทั้งนั้นโหดไปไหน55555
Good Night Arcana Tactics


im addicted to this game. thanks for the update for the new content we players really neefs gold on thjs game.


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