Inoue Yuzu London Labyrinth


(≧▽≦) OMG!!! Don't understand language of the game but i still want to play!! I love genre mystery :3
Brandon Warren London Labyrinth


Its hard for me to really rate the game without a global version but I love the aesthetic, the visuals are pretty and it feels like a very wholesome game. Cant comment on story but the character designs are cute, if you are hoping to wing it, sadly its not possible as after 5 incorrect guesses you start to lose time on finding the mystery objects. I also understand they cant put pictures instead of words just a shame i cant play it yet but still lovely game it seems
Рыба London Labyrinth


Все такое миленькое, такое красивенькое и очень приятно выглядит, но искать с переводчиком делать больно и чувствовать себя страшным извращенец. Глобал версию хочется......
Shara Sherenia London Labyrinth


As a non-Japanese, it's kind of difficult to find the objects because we need to know what the word means and the variation of the object's appearance. So I end up using Takuma's skill and the hint item a lot, and sometimes they're not enough. Thus, while I enjoy the story, graphics, and voice cast, at one point I get stuck and throw my hands up because I can't clear the main quest as I've ran out of hint item.
Kakesu -chan London Labyrinth


I love the characters and the ambientation of the game [色色]. The gameplay is very unique, most of the time it's finding objects, but it gets more and more difficult (rip) and new game modes are added as you continue with the main story.
Mimi Wong London Labyrinth


the graphics look stunning! im really excited for this game. however, to protect my privacy i always hace my vpn on, and this game is unassessible with vpn. anyone can suggest a way that i dont have to turn off the vpn and get to play?
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