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Oratorio Game Hunter Celestial Goddess


Welcome to another ship waifu building. [為什麼]

This time the waifu is not the ship but the commander.

Let's get into shallow review shall we ? [懵懂][懵懂]

First graphics is not phenomenal 2020 style.. it's the bare minimum of waifu graphics game.

I will never rate sound bad but this is quite average.

Gameplay is all about custom airship and upgrade em with commander included. Quite bland I'd say.
The battle also skip button only. Watching it is more painful.

Skip storyline since it has no depth. This is subjective but there's no meaning on the story.

Low chance getting top tier unit. What is maddening ... the other rarity unit is just a recolor. Same body same face.

Low gacha chance , Stamina system , multiple currency to use in the game. Full package !! [開心][汗顏][怪笑][驚訝][發火]
minipony Celestial Goddess


I love it, love this kinda classic(maybe too old-fashioned for someone but to me it's working). not p2w, cute waifu, strategic play. pretty fun
Merlinsbeard Celestial Goddess


Awesome graphics. Kinda my style of characters. Wish they add more content and characters soon! I hope other players join the game and play together! Its PvP system is not p2w, but all about enhancing character, island, and battleships. So far, I'm enjoying it
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Celestial Goddess


Celetial Goddess เกมแนวต่อสู้RPG แนววางแผน เอาภาพสาวๆมาล่อ แต่รู้สึกว่ากมไม่สุดเลย เน้นแค่ภาพสาวๆ การต่อสู่เป็นบานรบหน้าตาคล้ายๆกันตีๆ แปปๆก็จบ
Raithian Celestial Goddess


It looks like an easy game, but strategy is involved in depth. It's easy compared to other hardcore games, but I kinda like the mild mode.
Antonio Castillo Celestial Goddess


when i start the game its stuck on checking updates after 10 mins. stuck on 100%[發火][發火][發火]
강민경 Celestial Goddess


Downloaded this game with a low expectation, I find it suprisingly fun to play with lots of strategies to consider. F2P friendly game!
Sandy Anderson Celestial Goddess


Worth playing this game! Waifu is not the ship but the commander...

Well, it's kinda classic, but I like the classic games.

Hope they add more background diversity and waifu because the graphic is super clear and nice!

I recommend trying this game :)
Amakusa Celestial Goddess


This game is totally my cup of tea! Reading background stories in Goddess Album is quite interesting. 😎😙
Jay Kim Celestial Goddess


The bugs have been fixed and game has improved since its launch. Please continue to update with fun contents.
john parker1985 Celestial Goddess


I am a newbie here. At first, it looked like an RPG gane, but I think it's more of a strategy game. I love the fact that it's free to play!
mipsUS Celestial Goddess


CG is definitely not a P2W game. After charging a small amount, it will also be much easier to play. If you play strategically, you can beat paying users.
phobosLoua Celestial Goddess


Level plays a bigger role than P2W in this game. Playing time overweighs money
Fanny Chan Celestial Goddess


This game has improved and the developer upgrade contents religiously since its launch. Now it's got cool graphics and pretty fun gameplay. Sound and story can be better which im hoping to see near future.
I♡AYANAN Celestial Goddess


C'est un peu démodé, mais ce n'est pas mal car je m’y connais
Lecaton Explorador de Juegos Celestial Goddess


La calidad gráfica está entre buena y regular, la resolución no es la misma en todos los personajes por lo que en pantallas más amplias terminan distorsionándose un poco y empiezan a notarse pixeladas (en su contorno sobre todo). La animación L2D se agradece, incluso tienen movimiento de labios lo cual hace que se sientan más vivas. La interfaz está algo cargada en el lobby y el BGM es bueno. El texto pasaba tan rápido cuando se narraba la historia que no alcanzaba a enterarme de nada jaja. A pesar del atractivo de algunos pilotos y, como mencioné antes, la animación que todas tienen, el gameplay elimina toda posibilidad de diversión, siendo las batallas completamente automáticas. Hay otros aspectos más allá de lo que puedo explicar que, personalmente, evitan que pueda seguir con el juego, como si le faltara carisma, algo que me enganche, no solo era la falta de interacción en las batallas con el usuario.
Primeros minutos: https://youtu.be/P_oFUbeXgho .
SCطفك Celestial Goddess


Er Im sorry Celestial Goddess


The goddesses are so cute. I wish there were kpop-style characters :)
Myao Celestial Goddess


Je cherchais un nouveau jeu de stratégie et je crois que j'en ai trouvé un !


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