RedDress Top Contributor Sephirot


I came for the otome characters. But the game itself feels... cheap, yeah the game feels cheap to me. From the sound, graphic, gameplay etc.
Kim CodeDotHack Sephirot


All your favorite Otomate guys in one game. A super fun card based RPG that places your favorite characters from Otome games into powerful and cute cards. There are always new events and more cards added, making it a really fun game.
Shiio Sephirot


Like what someone mentioned, the game feels really cheap. Like very. I feel like the overall design is just,, not there? It doesnt really fit in and i just,, cnt find myself liking it. I feel like the only redeeming thing about this is the fact that it has all the otomate game charas in it. Thats about it.
Kristina Toplek Sephirot


Love it
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