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This game is one of the few games that I have my eyes on. I played both the JP server and now the Global server. The game itself is an interesting take of an MMO and deserves some recognition.

Like all my reviews, I don't really pay attention to graphics, sound, and storyline. This game is essentially a gacha game with an MMO mix. The graphics match closely to Xenoblade Chronicles, which is not bad for a phone game. I plead the fifth regarding sound and story. To me, both doesn't really matter due to being a gacha game. However, I do enjoy the cut scenes between missions.

For gameplay, this I have a few problems with. It's odd that the weapon and armor gacha is separate. I think this is a double edge sword as it offers players choice on what gacha to pull to fill their team, if you need weapons, you are guaranteed weapons on one gacha. However, it's kind of annoying to have to pull in 2 separate banners to boost a character. It is what it is I guess.

In character building, it's very similar to SinoAlice. Actually it's exactly like SinoAlice. You have weapons, armor, and jewelry to equip to your character. I only had 1 SSR weapons as gunner and 2 SSR armor. Needless to say, I had no damage. It's sad to see my maxed out gun do only 10% damage to the enemies, and that is at the recommended level range.

The missions are very MMO like. If you enjoy the flow of "going to one location, murder everything in a Xenoblade Chronicles like way without the fun of movement, move to another location, do the same", then you have found the greatest game on earth. Personally, I do enjoy RPG, but the repetition is really boring me. Walking through similar hallways every mission for nine missions is not good gameplay. The enemies are tanky as hell, which makes sense as you should contribute 25-40% of the damage if you are dps. However, in the storyline you can only bring 1 other friend character, which slows down the missions to a crawl. Also, there is no auto clear. If I am playing this game and thinking to myself why is there no auto clear, the game stops being fun there and starts to be tiresome. A fun game is where players should feel like they're having fun playing it, not wondering if there's auto clear so that the gameplay loop can end. Something's off about the balancing. I am pretty sure it's either I'm not a hardcore gamer or the game is seriously unbalanced. Keep in mind that I enjoy hoard smashing games. If you are looking for a slow game, this may be your cup of tea.

The weapons, as far as I can see with 50 pulls, are boring. Every weapon has abilities like "deal 100% of damage" or "deal x% aoe damage", "heal x to ally and give x buff". This makes sense in an MMO setting, but every weapon feels the same. It's disappointing that some weapons have cool names but do nothing special. I wish that the weapons have some sort of flavor to them, or some different animation, that sets them apart from one another.

I find the leveling system really cool. There's a player level, and also a class level. There's also a skill tree system. Class doesn't matter at all since you can unlock all of them right after the tutorial. Also, some of your skills in a class is locked behind by other classes, which means you have to play 3 classes in order to fully unlock a skill tree. Like all other gacha game, skill trees require resources, which means you have to grind dungeons, which means you have to walk through those same hallways for however many battles straight just to farm enough material to unlock your tree. Good Lord the developers did not make this game auto friendly.

Overall, solid idea of a game, poor excecution. I personally did not enjoy this game because of how repetitive it is and how boring the scenery and controls are. If you enjoy any or all of these aspects, you found yourself a solid game.

Also, developers are pretty generous with gacha pulls. I hmope you can high roll lots of SSR weapons and enjoy it more than I do.
Liam Luna Miguel Magatsu Truth | Global


A L E R T A D E M U C H O T E X T O :
Magatsu Warheit es un juego bastante interesante.
Verán, es un juego que es bueno por su historia más que por su jugabilidad o gráficos (Aclaro que no es malo en ninguno de estos dos aspectos, pero comparado con la historia dejan que desear).
Básicamente trata de "La luz" destruyó el mundo que conocemos, incinerando al instante a las personas y haciendo mutar a los animales, los que sobrevivieron al entar en contacto con la luz son llamados "Despertados" y son más fuertes que el humano promedio.
Entrarás al Cuerpo de Restauración y luchará en alguna de las facciones (Soldados, Caballeros, Cazadores, Pistoleros, Sacerdotes o Magos) cada uno con su respectivo líder (El cuál definirá tu modo de juego).
Sin embargo, tu objetivo no será tan fácil ya que existe una división de poderes y desigualdad bastante notoria en la que no existe bando que quiera ceder (Sin mencionar a las extrañas entidades detrás de la luz).
Acompañado de Saddie (La encargada de supervisar el desempeño y necesidades de los soldados en batalla desde el cuartel) y Perci (La chica que no se toma nada en serio) buscarás la verdad del mundo.
El combate es por turnos en tiempo real dónde harás equipo con otros jugadores para completar las batallas.
El juego maneja sistema de clases en el cual, hasta nivel 20 podrás usar una clase diferente para mejorar el árbol de clases adquierendo mejores y mayores stats para avanzar en la historia.
El gacha aquí es de equipo (Que por cierto, es bajísimo) y puedes elegir si quieres una apariencia de arma o de personaje en cualquier momento (No se si cobren ya que no la he efectuado).
Las gemas son fáciles de adquirir haciendo historia o las misiones diarias.
Los escenarios pudieron ser mejores y los personajes son bastante bien logrados, los personajes son interesantes y carismáticos (Por ejemplo el capo de Leocadio) la música es sublime, está muy buena y las cinemáticas con animaciones de los personajes son buenas.
Todos los diálogos en la historia principal tienen actores de voz que son espectaculares y te hacen sentir que estas formando parte del mundo dentro del juego.
Es un juego que no recomendaría a cualquiera que no le guste leer, o el tema militar.
Postdata: Pesa 3.5 GB y requiere estar conectado a Internet para jugar.
No requieres un super celular para jugarlo, pero si uno decentón para no tener problema alguno.
Itamie Sakome Game Hunter Magatsu Truth | Global


Très bon jeu avec des graphismes excellent, le contrôle et bon sauf dans les phases d'exploration dans lesquels il est un peu bancale. Le gamplay et bon et facile à prendre en main. Pour le moment pas besoin de payer mais à voir avec les prochaine M.A.J. Sinon je vous le conseil vivement vous pourriez être surpris de la qualité du jeu. Je vous laisse le télécharger et vous faire votre propre avis.
Sherrice jackson Game Hunter Magatsu Truth | Global


Comparing this to the way JP opened you guys are much better off. There's quests for immediate leveling, immediate gathering of materials to evo items, immediate release of the captain weapons.

It is weird to me that they split the weapons and the equipment and made the gachas 2% but time will tell if that's a permanent thing.

If you like RPGs and you're okay with a gacha element then by all means check the game out.
junsuitori Magatsu Truth | Global


ilk önce animesini izlemenizi tavsiye ederim, oyundaki olayların öncesini anlatıyor, hikaye çok ama çok güzel, karakterlerin birbirleriyle olan ilişkileri, diyaloglar çok eğlenceli ve iç ısıtıcı. Scene'leri skiplemeyin okuyarak keyfini çıkarın. Bunun yanında gacha'da rateler iyi gibi, eventlarla da ilgili kostümleri toplayabiliyorsunuz
Jin Pio Magatsu Truth | Global

1. Full HD Gameplay
2. RPG, ACG, Turn Based
3. Language: English
4. Account Login: Google, Facebook
OtaQoo39927636 Magatsu Truth | Global


กาชาเหมือนเกลือมาก มีกดครั้งแรกฟรีssr1 อาวุด
ตั๋วสุ่มฟรีอีก10 เกมเนื้อเรื่อง คุยๆ สนุกดี ระบบเล่น กดสกิล ใช้มานา ถ้าดีต้องมีอาวุด ทองssr เยอะๆ
Simp-Kun Magatsu Truth | Global


I have been craving a mmo for a while now, an I am too broke to pay monthly for WOW or FF14. But mobile mmos can be... not try he highest quality. So when I saw this game in my brain i was like "ah sh!t, here we go again." But is still pre registered for it anyways. And I will say, I am pleasently suprised. It hss fully animated cut scenes that look like trials of cold steel kind of, and has the Alchemist Code combat. All in all it is a nice game. (also perci is best girl)
Nevaks Magatsu Truth | Global


Dans ce jeu le gacha concerne uniquement les armes. Obtenir des SSR n'est pas trop compliqué. Pour les personnages, on peut switcher de classe à tout moment (assassin, mage, guerrier etc...) et on doit améliorer le niveau de chacun d'eux. Pas de persos en plus à gagner donc. Il y aura peut être des classes supplémentaires avec le temps. Les combats sont assez énergiques, et pour ma part ça se passe en mode auto au début pour pas me prendre le chou. Seul bémol, les déplacements sur la carte sont peu précis. Du potentiel, à suivre
Tracey Karpas Magatsu Truth | Global


I really like this. [色色] It's still an awesome game. [不滿] Exploration. Customization. Outfits. Be whatever you want whenever you want... [微笑] Oh yeah...
TouchKiller Magatsu Truth | Global


ก็สนุกดีน่ะ มีเนื้อเรื่องให้เก็บ แต่ยังไม่มีเซิฟที่เป็นภาษาไทย
ถ้าเป็นภาษาไทย คิดว่าคนส่วนมาจะมานั่งเก็บเนื้อเรื่องเยอะแยะชัวร์ ตอนนี้ก็เล่นอยู่บ้าง แต่เวลาส่วนมากจะลงที่ Rov กะ นอน แต่โดยภาพรวม สนุกครัช
Nam Tống Thành Magatsu Truth | Global


The game very good i like it
Game hay nhạc hay nhiều lớp nhân vật để chơi nên gọi là siêu phẩm
นำเสนอเกมส์ Magatsu Truth | Global


แล้วตอนนี้มีเซิฟ ภาษาไทยหรือยังครับ?
kamikamirawr Magatsu Truth | Global


tem uma história muito boa, no começo fiquei perdidona com os controles mas logo acostuma! é um jogo que envolve muita gente num só lugar, então pode ficar um pouco lento quando carrega os locais.
LightHikaru Magatsu Truth | Global


here bug / error / miss list :
1. don't choose "Low" on graphic setting, it bug on download. safe choice on "Normal"
2. some translation on buff while battle still japanese.
3. maybe add later.
P Stands for Pupunator Magatsu Truth | Global


Magatsu Warheit man o man what a satisfying jrpg.
The game uses ATB mechanic akin to old school Final Fantasy games. So let me breakdown a few things I have in mind minus the grinding lmaoXD.

-Reroll non rooted takes forever XD / rooted takes at least 3-5mins.

- Gacha has a good rate of 5% pull / launch limited banner 10x guaranteed SR or SSR pull

- Gameplay itself is a turn based JRPG with ATB Gauge. If your AP depletes start by normal attacking or use skills that gives AP recharge.

- Its an MMO you can just leech to other high power level or grind everything you want.

- Story is meh its like God Eater but so bad you can just skip the story if you want to! its just cliche post apocalyptic shit

- Let me point how generous the game is giving gifts, gems etc. Very free to play friendly. Though if you want to maximize your DPS as a warrior, mage, hunter or gunner 'Warheit Weapons are really OP".

- Farm events, farm everything as much as you want to boost your power

- Graphics is ugly for this generation like what you see on Freedom Fighters and old PSVITA games (I dont mind ugly graphics as long as I enjoy the game tho the graphics isnreally ugly).

- Gacha deters you from using your favorite class(I picked the hunter class at the beginning and you get free SSR of your choice tho I pulled so much guns and reclass my chara to gunner)

- Always check your weapon if it deals physical or special damage (physical = atk stats, special damage = sp atk).

- Party selection feature to tackle events and bosses is indeed a good feature of the game

- A very grindy game! If you can use macro auto clickers go ahead it saves you time from those nonsensical grinding.

Magatsu Warheit jrpg mmo gacha isnt a bad game. If you like turn bases jrpg? give this a try you wont regret it!
WhiteMess Magatsu Truth | Global


I've been playing Magatsu Wahrheit for a while after its release. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd thought I would.
It's a turn based MMO JRPG with gacha.

Now the gacha rate is ok but I'm not really a fan of having equipment & weapons separated.
Another thing I'm not fond of is that you need paid gems for fast passes to level up easier (after reaching lvl 50+).

The graphic's alright, kinda looks like an old PSP game.

As for the story... It kinda plays like God Eater, 1st; get your mission, 2nd; go out to hunt down monsters & 3rd; return to HQ. The difference is that the story here didn't really draw me in. It lost me at chapter 3.
The only interesting part for me was the prolog.

Also class don't matter as you can unlock all of them after the tutorial. It has no impact on the story as none of the captains recognize you as a member of their units, which is a shame tbh.
I did enjoy the cutscenes though, they were nice to watch.
M e Magatsu Truth | Global


the game are good but its very hard for a new player since you need to work hard to get a good equipment and to enchant the equipment so you will need to grind a lot of material and sometimes its too hard to get the material but i like the story most its very good but maybe some of you will not like it.


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