Little Octopus Lovin House


Soo ok first off I'm still at the beginning..
But for now it looks pretty fun actually
I like it
I especially love how much love and "lifelines"(?) was put into it.
A try won't hurt , but be aware that after a few chapters you'll need to pay 5 dollars (?) to unlock the full story.
Everything else seems to be free
Oh and a little tip:
Google Translate is doing a pretty fine/good job translating this game. ( who would have thought ?[怪笑] )
MầmCầuVồng Lovin House


Nét vẽ ổn,mà tải về xong đến đoạn thiết kế nội thất thì tịt luôn,k làm gì tiếp đc :v
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