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Chaosx silver Full Bokko Heroes / Total Beatup Heroes


fun game generally that is very very P2W due to gachas, though it does ensure that doing gacha w/o cashing is a possibility just very tedious and grindy.

Edit: the game is closing down on 27th May. Been playing for more than a year, and I have to say, looking back I really enjoyed the game. There's a charm to it compared to other gacha games (other than the cute characters, which are 10/10, would definitely miss T_T). The shoot erm up style is really a breath of fresh air as it provides more unique strategies to the team load outs, as the developers can play around with ideas such as invulnerability during attacking in special or damage reflect that changes how you usually play (dodging the bullets). It's a pity that the game is ending service soon tho, many mechanics such as the bond system are yet fleshed out entirely and I have yet to get my fill of kemonos. But as I thoroughly enjoyed this game, I thought it deserved a 5 star rating (4.2 initially) and this edit is such my feeling
Nubstick88 Full Bokko Heroes / Total Beatup Heroes


game is closing down. 27 may
Hiraga Saito Full Bokko Heroes / Total Beatup Heroes


well is sad to see it end at 27 may. anyway thank for all the fun moment
Kaori Full Bokko Heroes / Total Beatup Heroes


Amazing art style. Aswell as bullet hell mash-up gameplay. Though, getting bokko beries are just hell. Rerolling is an option to get powerful unit. Overall, a good and fun game to waste your time on. Just don't burn your credit card.
MuhammadZabir 1998 Full Bokko Heroes / Total Beatup Heroes


love this game because the characters if this game are so cute and the gameplay it's so fun(≧∀≦)ゞ
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