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Aschmancher Life Gallery


Its great
Alexander Mikhail Kirin Life Gallery


1 Game available in english, french, russian, japanese, traditional chinese, simplified chinese, BUT NOT SPANISH, you only have to change the settings in the first screen
2 It's a PAID GAME don't even bother downloading it, you wil only be able to play the first chapter (less than 5 mins) and it prompts you to a chapter purchase section. Even there you can see they didnt make more than 2 or 3 aditional chapters. You have to PAY FOR EACH CHAPTER, and even there you can see the game has not been finished yet.
Trisstis Life Gallery


Интересная история и криповые иллюстрации в хорошем смысле , но 170 баксов не стоит. Неоправданно дорого.
Qh23 Life Gallery


This is the whole new level of weird stuff. I love it.
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