Billy Horton Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


They should have stuck with the regular gamplay instead of this watered down luck sack version. You have no real way of defending yourself, sometimes you have to throw away key cards just to stay in the game, and opening with a hand full of grade 3s is even worse because there is no G assist and suddenly you are down several triggers which is a huge disadvantage and the game hasnt even started. If nintendo could make a full game app of the pokemon TCG then bushiroad could have done better than this messy piece of hot garbage.
Honk Tang Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


wow! the global version is coming!
Лиза Бондарева Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Конечно от оригинала отличается, но тоже весело[開心]
Tarun Raj Kancharla Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


The GREATEST Card Game Ever,
Love It 😍😘💓💗💝💖💕💞.
The Oasis Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


This game is great and extremely f2p friendly. The gacha rates are 10% for a RRR per pack and you can get tons of packs for free every season by vp farming and completing your missions plus events. About events, you will be able to get a playable deck on some of them and also free packs + cool cosmetics. You can open cards from all banners with a single pack type or 100 gems per pack. I managed to save 210 packs and 12.5k gems for the new set and will still save up a little more before it drops, only using them on rate ups for cards I really want, which happen almost every month.
Барон Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Русские на месте✊
Abhishek Singh Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Fantastic but I will like it more when you will put the link joker story too
Vivek Singh Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


its really good game but the problem is that we cant guard against attacks until we get 5 damage which is really frustrating and also a vanguard deck may have 50 cards bot 40 dammit. please remove the damn damage shield and make this game the same that we had seen in the anime. please its a request of die hard fan of cardfight vanguard
Adityaraj Gupta Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


the game rule is completely annoyed me i can't stand with it i need original vanguard game they tricked us with this duplicate game
Ochigaki Uzagi Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Roze Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Honestly with the timing of real life Vanguard series, I'd expect this game's story to promote V series and BanG Dream's bands. Instead, I'm greeted with JAM Project and full dick-mode Kai.

Just like Duel Links, Vanguard Zero simplify some aspects of real life Vanguard (Perfect Guard, Shield, Triggers, and more) to make the game not dragging on. Whether you can bear the changes is up to each individual.

Gacha is like Duel Links. You open packs with chance to get or not get the card you want. Key difference here is that you can craft the cards with ingame currency, but most likely you'll get it faster by opening packs instead of crafting it (since said resources are not even guarantee drops).

If you're curious about Vanguard, this game could be the first gate to Vanguard as whole. Just be wary of rule differences between Vanguard Zero and actual Vanguard TCG [厲害]

If you want to *actually* learn how the new format works tho, you can watch this instead (still the best "new to game? let us explain how things work" episode so far)
MiKU Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


I think this type of Vanguard is really good, I mean it's really fun. It's unique and very much surprised how the skills of the cards some of them has changed to fit in the game, it's making sense though. I've got the hang of it already. I started playing seriously since... early May I think... yes, but the ENG version that is. I've stopped playing the Japanese version cause, I can't really balance between them. I'll play the Japanese one probably on pc soon since you can't install on the same device, or another phone but meh, for me I'll play english version on android and Japanese on laptop. Just like how DifferentFight does [害羞] The only downside for me is obviously, the cheat mod. I wish they would have delete it globally, it's unfair. Just play fair, wouldn't be a problem if we play fair. I don't know why it has been created in the first place... 😒 it's crashin the game's mood
rev theory Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


The game it's so awesome like you invest your time you reap better rewards it's good that even f2p players can play competively against the top players and I have heard that in Japan server they once had a sparkling system where you were able to exchange 50 premium medals for any RRR card in my opinion you should add these feature to both the server for every season these way players would be motivated to grind more to get better stuff and again it's quite fun playing these game it's better than any other card games I have played so please game studio and bushiroad keep up the good work
weallone Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


VIP + pass[no]
Zishan Ahmed Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


this game is amazing
i was waiting like years for this game to be release and finally it released 😀
Stera Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


Good games for vanguard fans, the system seem a little bit simple than actual gameplay it's because for mobile games i think.
Ricky Luke Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


trigger set only grade 3 is not good it should be mix with other grade 0/1/2 also grade 0 only one card is not good too every card has ability but it cannot use and you should make the rule same in anime when check the trigger card should be into hand not to return deck and when damage vanguard not to power up vanguard (these rules should repair)[微笑]make guard system like anime (intercept and guard shield number)
ivan Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


this game is great i already play it, after i uninstalled the japanese version. i install the english version cus theres a new update, but i cant open it, it says that the app is closed or smhting
Aichi X Sora Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


This game is good and fast-paced, but when I want to download video for story mode, it not downloaded at all. I got stuck on the loading screen, whenever I donwload story mode video
Manuel De Jesus Sosa Reynoso Vanguard ZERO | Inglés


[no]juego inspirado en la saga cardfight vanguard apelado mas alejarse de la cronologia actual donde tenemos mucha mecanica confusa para los nuevo y dando una experiencia mas simple ademas que funciona similar a yugioh duel link ya que puede escoger entre aichi y su amigo de anime la primera temporada recientemente agregaron alguno de asia circuit pero tardara mucho en salir la carta mas op y rotas de eso arco


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