Gavvar Game Hunter Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


I have been playing few months now and the only negative thing is that it takes too long to find a game not many people play it i guess but still a pretty decent MOBA
Alyst Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


I didn't get to migrate my account which upsets me but oh well....

The Asia server is pretty dead. You mostly get bots in matches, unless you're lucky, 4v4 is possible.

There are new heroes but a few of the heroes from the HK one is not out yet.

The graphics is good. Many diversities between the heroes. The battlefield is simple. Though NetEase changed the toads to owls for some reason but the quick chat still says toad.

For the ping... sometimes I had to reconnect even though my wifi signal is full. (and I play IdV without any problem) Can't do anything about it.

I prefer this one over Onmyoji, since it's easier to understand. I have a hard time understanding the shikigamis on Onmyoji. Also since it's the heroes have 3 active skills unlike Onmyoji.

But NetEase changes a few minor things in EO so it reminds me of Onmyoji.
- Hero difficulty (I prefer the game doesn't tell me which is easy and hard to play tbh)
- Support is recommended to go with ADC
Lâm Tran Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


mong nhà sản xuất có thể đưa nhân vật trong kimetsu no yaiba được hok vậy mình thích nhân vật trong KNY lắm
BriDdReL Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


El juego esta exelente me gusta mucho, tiene graficos geniales Los Hero son exelentes me gusta la jugabilidad, pero tengo un problema hay veces donde entro al juego y no me pasa de "updates checking…" y tengo desintalar y volver a instalar el juego y despues de algunas partida vulve y pasa lo mismo
George Colón Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


The game is fantastic and all. Matchmaking is respectfully quick and most characters are all charming and fun to use!

however, this is the rating it gets because ocassionally the frame of the game drop almost to immediately and ping increases ridiculously high! I never had encountered this type of issue in any other Mobile Moba games with the exception of this one. I will play it again with love and dedication and support for this game once the issue are fixed.

I look eagerly forward for this game success!
Juako Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Very good game to practice while lol mobile comes out, you have lolis and waifus so it's worth it ( ^ω^)
Silver877 Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


este en uno de los mejores juegos que e probado el unico inconveniente es el idioma que solo lo tiene en ingles y japones por ende no hay version en español fuera de eso no hay nada mas que mejorar un 9/10
Yakuza Crow Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


A mi parecer uno de los mejores MOBA que jugue, mos personajes estan muy bien diseñados, hay actualizaciones de heroes cada tiempo y esto lo hace mas dinámico.
Nathan Donineaux Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Over cool and special ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hyper Drive Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


i find this easier to understand and play compared to mobul leegends, im a huge fan of anime styled games as they always have this unique twist such as the gear awaken and ulti awakening. sadly playerbase seems to do more ai games than casual/rank
Senpai0o Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


có nhân vật trong "boku no hero" không?[哇噻]
Luan-LaPan Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Lordnutz Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


This game is pretty damn fun. The graphics are smooth, characters look very good for a mobile moba. The fps and ping spike sometimes, sadly it's gotten me killed off of some streaks but it's alright. Sometimes the game also closes on me but I'm chalking that up to my phone. I hope they release a lot of characters in the future, I saw some videos about there being Hero Academia and Mob Psycho in the game, would be pretty hype if we got them on global. In hindsight, get this game. Be prepared to have a couple of game closes if your phone is a bit older though. [汗顏]
Eduardo Zarate :v Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Esta bueno el juego
Lord Teemo Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


i really love this but why there's no my Hero Academia champ and mob psycho 100?? is it not updated yet?
Atınç Sert Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


this game has the worst servers ever. Until they fix this ridiculous amount of ping problem, 2* from me
Bibika As Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Не увидел чего-либо отличающееся от других игр подобного жанра
Rafik Aliev Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


Помогите пожалуйста!
Я когда скачал игру, зашел в нее, а там еще обновления размером 220МБ, когда я качал дошло до 14 процента и загрузка перестала идти и скорость 0.00 kb\s
помогите пожалуйста, как мне исправить это ?
Я переустанавливал много раз, скачивал с других сайтов , но толку ноль!!!
BlackMacaron Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


The game is good with nice characters and they have voices. I don't know how to adjust the settings to my own preference because the settings are lacking something for me. Like other moba games, yes, you have to attack enemy like usual but this game doesn't have the same atmosphere like other moba games which are nice. I just played twice and stop. why? Because of the red ping. It increase very high when I was playing and mine is about 400± and still can move though but extra pretty slow like turtle. And when you suddenly tried to change your internet hotspot, the game will ask you to restart. The way they design the battlefield is nice but the tutorial is kind of not my preference. well good luck to who want to play this game.
LeticiaNanes Extraordinary Ones | Inglés


eu amo extraodinary ones mas grande problema são suas filas absurdas de demora as vezes da lag a punicão não é das melhores se desenvedores desse jogo poderia dar mas atençã séria um dos melhores jogos !


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