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koccily Game Hunter Virtual Girlfriend


Un jeu vraiment sympa dans les graphismes. J'aime beaucoup le doublage des voix. Elles sont superbes! Mon seul point faible est ma compréhension du japonais donc pour les choix c'est pas super simple 😅
Peter Wang Virtual Girlfriend


If you like qp:flapper art, then you'll love Girl Friend Beta. The game plays sort like a dating sim where you can collect beautiful cards of many cute anime girl characters but the gameplay can get repetitive quickly because most of it is just clicking with no real interaction with other players. The game's characters are voiced by high profile Japanese voice actresses though, so if you're into that you might be able to connect with the characters more. A nice chill game.
Dempagumi inc Brasil Virtual Girlfriend


six years playing as a f2p and I don drop this game
Axel Van Dick Virtual Girlfriend


el primer juego nunca se olvida [色色][開心]
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