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Games : Ragnarok X Next Generation
Language : English
Size : 2.6GB
Price : Free
Platform : Android, IOS
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🌟Graphic 4/5
🌟Sound 4/5
🌟Gameplay 4/5
🌟Storyline 3/5

If you want to find some mobile MMORPG with auto battle attack and good looking 3d graphics maybe you can try this. I think this games is better than ragnarok ertenal love.

In this games you can choose between 6 job lord Knight, assassin, sniper, wizard, priest, and whitesmith. Every job has special ability for more info you can watch on video.

Overoll 3.5/5 🌟🌟🌟

Gameplay :

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Ashley7 Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


After playing this game for a while, I decided that this game is not my type. Well because I don't really like chibi characters, after all, it's the same as most mmorpg games. Open world, mount, love, adventure, monster, and so on, but with different qualities, characters, themes, songs, and etc.
Still on the same purpose/goal. If you get what I mean.
Are they cute?, well, you can say so, if you say so.
In the end, I still appreciate this work. Well done Nuverse.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


🌟ROX Next Generation เกมRO มือถือที่มาเปิดใหม่อีกแล้วสำหรับเซิฟเอเชีย มีความคล้ายกับ ROM แต่มีจุดที่แตกต่างหลาย อย่างเลย
ทั้งรูปแบบการเดินเควสที่เป็นอัตโนมัติ แม้ว่าจะมีบางส่วนต้องกดเองอยู่บ้าง เกมROX เอื้ออำนวยให้สายฟรีเล่นได้ง่ายมากขึ้นการเติมเงินจะได้เพรช แต่สายฟรีก็สามารถนำคลิสตัลไปซื้อได้เหมือนกัน มีระบบขุดเหมือง ผสมยา เข้ามานอกจากมีสตามิน่าที่ใช้ในการทำกิจกรรมต่างๆแล้ว แต้ม Odin Blessing ยังมีผลเสริมในการเก็บเลเวลด้วยนับว่าแปลกดี
เควสจะไปตันทันเลเวลที่ประมาณเลเวล 20 กว่าๆ จากนั้นไปจะเริ่มค่อยๆอัพแล้ว สามารถมาติดตามการเล่นสายฟรีของผมได้ที่
iimitan Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


A pretty good game to play with friends or lovers.

Having cute graphics that have always been one of the characteristics of Ragnarok is still the same.

Although this game has Auto Battle, but for instance, you will not be able to auto unless your power is like a whale players. You have to dodge a lot of dungeon boss attacks, even tanks can easily die there if they don't dodge smartly.

There are a few things I don't like;
- Maybe there should be a Dodge / Evade button, I'm sure this will make it easier for players to do instance.
- Gathering plants has a slightly unfair system, like 1 leaf being grabbed by hundreds of players. Yes, that's how difficult it is (Except when it's raining).
- The normal prices for item crystals specified in the game were too high.
- To make someone as a couple must needs 9,999 Favors. Which means it will take quite a long time to achieve that much. Plus the cost of the wedding can reach almost 1 million crystals or more.

But somehow, I still play it. Because I think even so, RoX is still worth it to play in my spare times. 😁
Lecaton Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Muy buena calidad visual, el modelado en 3D va acorde a la representación chibi de los personajes por lo que está bien lograda, el entorno es carismático y el ángulo de la cámara puede ajustarse a preferencia del usuario, un gran punto a favor. Aunque por momentos percibí problemas de rendimiento, no fue nada grave o significativo, en general trabaja de manera adecuada y me agrada. La interfaz está simplificada y sus opciones correctamente distribuidas. El BGM no está nada mal y se evidencia la intención de mantener el ambiente de la franquicia junto a una mejora gráfica significativa. Los combates no nos muestran unos efectos impactantes ni están llenos de acción, pero le recomendaría a quien le guste los MMORPG para móviles, echarle un vistazo a este título.
Primeros minutos: .
Si Fore Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Hated it at first then started to like the game, I thought it was another Eternal M clone, and it was a mistake. The game was more into F2P, items are there in the game, can earn +20k crystals in or before reaching level 25. Diamonds, Glory pass, Resets, and event currencies can be buy with crystals. Avatars can be procure thru events. Classes as the old classic RO are there, and what good is that everyone has a potential to do solo. Unlike TOW and LON, daily task is so casual, it could be done in 30mins to an hour. Gearwise do bosshunt or trade or gacha, white is for low budget(f2p) and all rounder cuz of the set effects and cheaper for upgrades; blue is for MVP bosses; purple and gold is for late game and pvp. There are a lot of features, but what I hated the most was gardening, relies on weather to gather more, need to wait for 20/30mins or hour to get rain/storm and the autofishing rod which 1 fish = 2%-4% durabiliy reduction...
ไว้หลอกด่าควาย Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


อยากให้มี server ญี่ปุ่นด้วยอ่า อยากเล่นกับแฟน555
Антон Дервянов Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


дорогие разрабочики подскажиье пожалуйста когда выйдут вторые классы? жду крестаносца с самого старта игры((
Frederic P. Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Voilà une tournure intéressante de l'évolution de Ragnarok sur téléphone.
changement de vision sur pas mal de points

vrai donjons
système de craft donc gros grinding nécessaire
rate exp super lente
pas vraiment d'avantage à être premium
pas d'équipements cheat comme dans ROM sans vraiment jouer
retour des musiques originales
un système de refine complètement pété

Mais je trouve le jeu extrêmement répétitif...
7Lords Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Ragnarok X: Next Generation Gameplay:
Raissa Zahran Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


I LOVE THIS IS ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Fabio Massao Furushima Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


o jogo traz a nostalgia do antigo ragnarok, com todos os seus pets, monstros e chefes, mas tem alguns bugs ainda, quando vc entra no game ou clica em alguns NPCs, seu jogo trava... de uma forma que em algumas vezes vc tem ate que reiniciar seu celular, tirando isso, o game está realmente bom, vale a pena dar uma conferida. Uma dica aos desenvolvedores... separem os servers pra cada tipo de regiao do mundo (global, america do norte, sul, Azia, Europa e tals) assim fica mais facil vc entrar no servidor de sua lingua local, consequente disso criar guildas e interagir melhor com a sociedade, vc nao vai entrar numa guilda onde muitos falam árabe e vc o portugues, ninguém vai entender o outro.
nani ? Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Aldrin Dennis Dela Pena (Drine) Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


more on auto battle and has no CT means emulators master race. this is more likely a idle game mmo and dungeon hunting feature than field hunt. graphics is nice but one of a downside has many server and sub server which keep more people/friends separate from playing together unless someone has to give up and create from a scratch again. i just don't understard why MVP has 3 types of card drop here, only gen X has that i don't think they follow the originally the RO still new content is nice once in a while but i totally disagree about this one.

it's not bad or good but better try it for yourself.
BocilKematian Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Damn, like the old day
ludin vonhanen Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


the game has good graphic better than ROM, has weight penalty like pc rok but it is like all generic mmo mobile, nothing is from the classic rok .Game quite f2p but very grindy compared to Rom or ROO, if you just want to play an mmo with ragnarok skin then this is the game for you, if you want to play like classic rok then better to play rom or roo.
Ros Dawati Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Riz Fathur Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


too unforgiving for a mobile mmo, i might be too old for this game, it forces me to grind not only level but also other stuff like gardening, mining, etc, why would i work my ass off in a game when i already have enough bullshit to deal in real life.
whatever, might be fun for those who has lots of free time or dont really need to care too much about real life.
Familieur Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


Game is all about hell grind or top-up your way to the sky.
it's pretty much just another mobile mmo but with ragnarok skin because they took some element of it really
I don't hate the game but yea kind of disappointed with the game systems
Kristian Titus Ragnarok X Next Generation | SEA


kecewa job alternatif seperti monk crusader sage rogue bard ato dancer dan mechanic ngga di unlock


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