Cookie Run: Project B (tentative) Carta de Juego

V4Flower Cookie Run: Project B (tentative)

Tarjeta de juego creada, 1 tarjetas compartidas

Nombre del jugador: HiMERU

Introducción: arashi z enstars moja rzono, koham cie nad rzycie mam dość hejtu na enstars...kocham arashi narukami...nie obchodzicie mn hejterzy azul ashengrotto dzwoni do papyrusa sans underman rei sakuma kamishiro rui ruikasaFather said that this world isn't for me I tried to pray for a new reality So, come to me, we can change night into day A tied-up moth seemed to know a different way Don't remember it Don't return to it (oh) Father tore out the umbilical cord There's nothing left in the bottle keeping me scored We'll abandon the scenery In the... (Don't remember it Don't return to it)

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