A total of 52 games

WitchSpring4 WitchSpring4 RPG ADV Paid Games FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Paid Games Final Fantasy Action RPG Guju - The Love Story Guju - The Love Story RPG Romance ADV BL Indie Game Paid Games Kawaii The Vigilant Villa 迷霧之夏 RPG Puzzle Paid Games Story Rich Azur Lane Crosswave アズールレーンクロスウェーブ RPG Bishōjo Paid Games PS Anime   Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Action Side Scroller RPG Paid Games   Elden Ring Elden Ring RPG Action Paid Games PC   Rainbow Yggdrasil Rainbow Yggdrasil RPG Indie Game Paid Games Roguelike Fate/EXTELLA Fate/EXTELLA RPG Action Fate series Paid Games RPG Grinsia RPG Grinsia RPG ADV Paid Games The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince 嘘つき姫と盲目王子 RPG ADV Fairy Tale Paid Games Adventure of Priestess Adventure of Priestess RPG Pixel Paid Games 프로젝트 메텔 프로젝트 메텔 Mecha Bishōjo Action RPG Paid Games Titan Quest Titan Quest RPG Action Paid Games SpellForce: Heroes & Magic SpellForce: Heroes & Magic RPG Strategy Turn-based Paid Games Battle Chasers: Nightwar Battle Chasers: Nightwar RPG Turn-based Paid Games Lock's Quest Lock's Quest RPG ADV Action Pixel Paid Games Crystal Ortha RPG クリスタルオーサ RPG Pixel Paid Games Death Road to Canada Death Road to Canada RPG ADV Indie Game Pixel Paid Games Survival Roguelike Apocalyptic fiction INO2 INO2 RPG ADV Pixel Paid Games
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