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Onmyoji Arena | Traditional Chinese 決戰!平安京 Strategy MOBA CV PvP Fast-Paced Co-Op RPG #COMPASS | Japanese #COMPASS | Japanese RPG CV PvP MOBA VOCALOID Co-Op Fast-Paced Real-time Cooking Battle! cooking battle! 3D Fast-Paced Co-Op Action RPG Star Ocean: Anamnesis STAR OCEAN -anamnesis- RPG Action CV Sci-fi Space Fantasy 3D Co-Op Fast-Paced Real-time Blade & Soul: Revolution | Japanese ブレイドアンドソウル レボリューション RPG Action MMORPG Blade & Soul 3D Fast-Paced Blade II - The Return of Evil | English Blade II - The Return of Evil Fantasy Dark fantasy 3D Fast-Paced Action RPG Eternium Eternium CV Fast-Paced Real-time Action RPG Grimvalor Grimvalor Fantasy ADV Dark fantasy Atmospheric 3D Fast-Paced Action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd | Japanese Honkai Impact 3rd | Japanese RPG ADV Action Anime Bishōjo Apocalyptic fiction 3D Fast-Paced
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