A total of 52 games

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact RPG ADV Genshin Impact 3D Open World Sky: Children of the Light | Global Sky: Children of the Light | Global RPG ADV Action Indie Game Healing Fantasy 3D Open World Kingdom: Flames of War Kingdom: Flames of War ADV MMORPG Kingdom: Flames of War Open World Logres of Swords and Sorcery: Goddess of Ancient | Japanese 剣と魔法のログレス いにしえの女神-本格MMO・RPG Kawaii Web Game Guild Battle RPG Co-Op Open World Real-time Action MMORPG Lineage 2M | Korean Lineage 2M | Korean RPG ADV Action MMORPG Lineage Fantasy 3D Open World Moonlight Sculptor | Traditional Chinese 月光雕刻師 | 繁中版 RPG ADV Action MMORPG 3D Open World MapleStory M | Korean 메이플스토리M ADV Fantasy RPG Co-Op Open World Action Pixel MMORPG Lineage M | Korean 리니지M Lineage Fantasy PvP RPG Open World Real-time Action MMORPG 龍之谷:新世界 龍之谷:新世界 RPG ADV Action MMORPG Open World Dragon Raja | SEA Dragon Raja | SEA RPG ADV Action Voiced Dialogues MMORPG Sandbox Open World Real-time Lineage M | Japanese Lineage M | Japanese RPG Action MMORPG PvP Lineage Fantasy Open World Real-time Blade&Soul: Revolution | Global Blade&Soul: Revolution | Global RPG Action MMORPG Blade & Soul Open World R2M R2M MMORPG Open World Devil Book | English Devil Book | English RPG ADV Action Fairy Tale MMORPG Open World Kawaii TRAHA | Korean 트라하 Open World MMORPG Action RPG TRAHA | Japanese TRAHA PC RPG Open World Action MMORPG MapleStory M | Japanese MapleStory M | Japanese RPG ADV Action MMORPG Pixel Fantasy Side Scroller Co-Op Open World Lineage 2: Revolution | Global Lineage2 Revolution Lineage ADV Fantasy PvP RPG Open World Real-time Action MMORPG World of Dragon Nest (WoD) World of Dragon Nest (WoD) MMORPG ADV Open World Action RPG Ragnarok M: Eternal Love | European Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EU Raising Sims Romance ADV Fantasy Guild Battle RPG 3D Co-Op Open World Action Ragnarok MMORPG
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