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Let's Go Goku! 前进吧悟空 RPG Raising Sims Escape Game: Zetsubou Prison | Simplified Chinese 囚禁之馆 RPG ADV Horror Escape Escape Game: Zetsubou Prison Closers M | Traditional Chinese 封印者M RPG Action City of Forever 7 Days | Traditional Chinese 永遠的7日之都 RPG Action Strategy Kawaii Eternal City Digimon Soul Chaser Season2 數碼寶貝:靈魂獵手 Season2 RPG Anime Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits | Traditional Chinese 聖鬪士星矢:銀河之魂(鬥士演武場) RPG Anime Saint Seiya Iron Saga - Battle Mecha | Traditional Chinese 機動戰隊 RPG Action Kawaii Robot Game Glory of Cepheus | Traditional Chinese 塞爾之光:一起用可愛拯救世界! RPG MMORPG Law of Creation 2 (Astral Chronicles) | Simplified Chinese
 造物法则2:先锋英雄 RPG ADV Otogi: Spirit Agents 陰陽おとぎソール RPG Ghost Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light | Traditional Chinese 勇者鬥惡龍 怪物仙境 SUPER LIGHT RPG ADV Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light Dragon Quest Series Dead or Alive Mobile 生死格鬥M RPG Versus Dead or Alive Tales of Erin | English Tales of Erin RPG ADV Tales of Erin Aurora Legend | Traditional Chinese 蒼之紀元 RPG Raising Sims ADV Idle Kawaii Aurora Legend MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY | Global MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY RPG ADV Action Final Fantasy Cyber Hunter | Global Cyber Hunter RPG ADV Versus A Certain Magical Index | Simplified Chinese 魔法禁书目录 RPG Action Anime New Qian ji Da Chao Dou 新千姬大亂鬥 RPG Raising Sims Strategy OTHELLONIA | Traditional Chinese 逆轉奧賽羅尼亞 RPG OTHELLONIA Turn-based tactics BnB M BnB M RPG Versus
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