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Ode To Heroes | Global Ode To Heroes Raising Sims Strategy Idle ADV Casual RPG Cyber Hunter | Global Cyber Hunter Battle Royale ADV Survival RPG STG Sandbox Escape Game: Werewolf Game | Simplified Chinese wasabi游戏 Horror ADV Escape RPG Blue Oath | Traditional Chinese Blue Oath | Traditional Chinese RPG Raising Sims Bishōjo Promises of Azure AFK Arena | Japanese AFK アリーナ RPG Idle Rise to Fame 咖位我最大 RPG Raising Sims Idol Story Rich Mobile Legends: Adventure Mobile Legends: Adventure Raising Sims Idle Fantasy PvP RPG 300 Moe Girls Idle Breeding | Traditional Chinese 放置美少女 - 熱門卡牌養成手遊 RPG Raising Sims Idle Casual Bishōjo Sengoku period Three Kingdoms CODE:D-Blood | Japanese CODE:D-Blood | Japanese RPG Action MMORPG Sandbox Night Agent: I'm the Savior | Traditional Chinese Night Agent: I'm the Savior Action RPG Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light | Traditional Chinese 勇者鬥惡龍 怪物仙境 SUPER LIGHT Dragon Quest Series ADV RPG A Certain Magical Index | Simplified Chinese A Certain Magical Index | Simplified Chinese RPG Action Anime 3D Goddess of Genesis | Simplified Chinese 启源女神 Strategy Fantasy ADV Turn-based 3D Bishōjo RPG Love Nikki | Traditional Chinese 奇迹暖暖 Fashion Game For Girls Casual RPG BLEACH Kyo·kai Reiatsu Taiketsu 境·界-灵压对决 RPG Simulation Anime PvP BLEACH Aura Kingdom 2 | Global Aura Kingdom 2 MMORPG Action RPG KarDia tou ABel | Traditional Chinese KarDia tou ABel | Traditional Chinese RPG Simulation Raising Sims Minimal Dungeon RPG Minimal Dungeon RPG Dungeon Crawl RPG Helix Saga | Traditional Chinese Helix Saga | Traditional Chinese RPG Bishōjo Turn-based tactics Digimon Soul Chaser Season2 數碼寶貝:靈魂獵手 Season2 Anime RPG
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